Hopefully you have enjoyed our first Affiliate Series, called “44 days of the life of a successful affiliate”. Unfortunately, it has come to an end, however, we promise more interesting and educating series like this one in the future! You can catch up with its previous parts here:

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Day 34, 12:00 p.m.

Care comes first

On the road to self-improvement via mastering the art of writing engaging content, and e-mails, which convert, Tom was more than thrilled to see the popularity of his site soar. This could only mean one thing – he was getting real close to his main goal – to become a successful affiliate.

Having his efforts mainly focused on delivering helpful tips and informative content, regarding the hosting industry as a whole had proven to be the key to winning over the heart of his readers. As they say, in the age of advanced technology and unlimited communication channels, care should come before the urge to make money, not the other way round.

Tom always made sure he tracked where his clicks came from, for which he used various tools, but the affiliate panel of the hosting company he was affiliated with, would be his best source for the most part. Being the organizational junkie he was, he had created a spreadsheet to record all his sales and tracking information of the companies he was an affiliate of. That would help him understand his business more, giving him insights about which affiliate programs performed better, and where he could focus his efforts to improve.

Day 44, 15:00 p.m.

A Lesson, or maybe two, to learn

After 44 days of producing content, non-stop testing and tracking of his results, Tom felt ready to share his success with the world and wrote a list of the main lessons he learnt in his journey towards affiliate success:

#1: Put care first: Always strive to deliver solutions to people’s problems and offer different ways to make them better. Once people start trusting you for the provision of useful information on the topics they care about, they are going to trust you when you recommend the product/service you are affiliated with, because they will know you believe in its value.

#2: Fabricate fresh new content on a regular basis: Update your site/blog on a regular basis to keep your readers coming back looking for your newest update.

#3: Opt for quality over quantity: Focus on delivering valuable and useful content, and not writing yet another article on acne remedies. Find out what exactly your audience wants to be informed about: This might be done in many ways: through the comment section of your blog posts, through various polls on your website and through e-mails, asking your readers what they have questions about, or are uncertain of.

#4: Write in-depth service reviews: Make sure you speak from personal experience when endorsing the company you are an affiliate of, as to add more credibility to your review.

#5: Create search-engine friendly content: You do not have to be the next SEO super star in town to learn which headlines convert better and how to best use online keyword planning tools to optimize your content for search engines.

#6: Give your copywriting a break from time to time: Avoid the urge to necessarily turn each and every single article you write into a sales generator. As he realized earlier, care comes first, and people are really sensitive towards content, which screams – I am here to sell.

#7: Build your e-mail list: Building a list of subscribers helps you engage with your biggest and most loyal fans and take the conversation with them to the next level.

#8: Never underestimate the power of testing, split testing: Tom would try out placing different banner ads or various text links to see which ones receive the most clicks and of course, convert. You would never grow without analyzing your successes and failures.

#9: Patience will get you anywhere: Keeping your feet constantly on the ground realizing that affiliate success does not happen overnight, helped Tom reach his goals. Of course he’d heard and read about people becoming millionaires in a month, but he knew those were just exceptions of highly exceptional people and out-of-the-box thinkers, and in most cases, you just need to work really hard to achieve success.

This was the last forth part of the series ’44 days of the life of a successful affiliate’. You think you might do as well as Tom, or even better? SIGN UP for a free affiliate account with us, and practice what you learnt.

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