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Day 11, 13:00 p.m, Tom’s Fatal Attraction to content 

Doing research, and writing about the hosting industry in general, Tom was beginning to gradually feel attracted to it. He was fascinated by all the different topics related to hosting he could talk about – it was a whole new world to him, still with almost unlimited amount of topics and threads to explore. Tom wanted to touch on common concerns most people have when choosing a hosting service or changing the old one:

  • What determines a good host?
  • Is having 24/7 support more important to me than server uptime?
  • Difference between the types of hosting, and which one is most suitable for my site?
  • Where to find trustworthy information about hosting on the net?

It was because Tom was providing solution to people’s problems that he was so well received by his audience, who were engaged with his posts and kept giving positive feedback.

He saw that through providing valuable content, he gained trust in his readers and they started to regularly check his site, looking for fresh information. They wanted to share his posts, tweet about them, and ‘facebook’ them.

Having this fatal attraction to content, Tom liked to KISS. Not really in that sense, but in Keeping It Simple and Steady. He knew that the average reader would like to read about solutions to common problems served in a simple but yet useful way.

When Tom came down to the real business and that was promoting the hosting company through his regular content, it was quite tricky. To ensure his copywriting success, Tom stuck to 6 core points:

  • Create a compelling keyword-rich title
  • Deliver value: Using lots of real-life examples and charts, he would optimize his content to be informative and useful for his readers
  • Generate engagements: He would make it easy for his visitors to comment on and share his content across the most popular social networks. He would make his content flow and support it with lots of visual materials, making it easier for his readers to go over his content and engage with it.
  • Endorse the hosting company through the affiliate link: He would add his affiliate links at the end of his articles, being upfront about the fact that this would bring money to his pocket. Transparency always helped in such cases.
  • Attract links: Using various techniques such as link magnets and, sometimes, link baits (though saw the uncertainty and risk they bring), he would optimize his site to rank higher in search engines. Above all, he would give his best to create evergreen linkable assets, which could be utilized for high quality back links for years.
  • Rank for targeted keyword phrases: Using various tools, such as the Keyword Density Analyzer – Ranks.nl , he would analyze the frequency usage of his targeted keywords and/or phrases and optimize for a higher ranking.

Tom liked to inspire, educate and wow his readers. He wanted to offer more than just content, but to create epic content. One that celebrates them as readers who come back to read his blog every day. This is why he perceived writing about the hosting industry as a challenge, and the reason why it attracted him so much.

For the first-timers visiting his site, he offered special treats for free, such as different tips and tricks in exchange for their e-mail. This TUTORIAL-based method helped him achieve three major things

  1. Getting the new visitor’s e-mail in exchange for a goodie, of course.
  2. Using the affiliate links in the e-mail to recommend the hosting company.
  3. Gaining the new visitor’s trust.

Day 23, 15:00 p.m., Tom’s Endorsements

When Tom felt that the time is right, he started to ENDORSE the hosting company. He talked about its main benefits, not its features, because he wanted to share how the company’s services ‘changed his life for the better’.

Tom wanted to use different kinds of platforms to spread the word about the hosting company and not only stick to his own site. He started following sites, related to hosting and wrote REVIEWS in different forums, keeping it clean and simple every time:

“I went looking for a host after I was let down by my previous host: no contact, phpfox coudn’t access passwords, I waited a whole week for it to respond nothing. I am so VERY glad I found TMDHosting. They give me a working admin section and I can run round it normally. I had first class service from TMDHosting: a free new domain to get my site up and running and the support still continues. TMDHosting will have to kick me from their servers before I leave.

Thank you TMDHosting for the wonderful service.”

He figured that including the negative also added credibility to reviews. He realized people wanted true opinions, and talking about how perfect everything is would not get his readers to actually believe him. Being transparent in his reviews helped him strengthen the relationship he had with his audience. Tom did not forget to be direct about his affiliate links, as he didn’t want his audience to believe they got tricked into clicking on a link.

Applying all the above tactics, hosting company, which Tom promoted, started getting more exposure, his blog was getting more exposure, and of course his commission payouts started growing.

By Day, 34, Tom’s sales had grown with 32% from Day 1.

He realized that as with most things in life there was the easy way and the hard way to be successful. He could easily stick the banners of the hosting company to his site and chill. If he wanted to earn a stable passive income though, he has got to be active, and patient, and devoted, and realize that…

…content creation was his key to worthwhile affiliate marketing!