In the past couple of weeks, we have announced a great set of partnerships with various companies, which provide amazing services.

We hope that they will help you to grow your business further and you will take advantage of the benefits we have been able to negotiate with some of them.

To sum all these things up, you can now go and start a very powerful online advertising company with AdRoll and get a $75 credit for starting your own toll free phone with Grasshopper. You can get to order business cards with Uprinting and get rid of that annoying and noisy fax machine in the office thanks to RingCentral.

You can create astonishing designs for your pages, banners and user interface with the services that 99designs provide and where usure, you can meter its performance using Loop11, a great usability testing company. You can also gather your visitors’ voice by creating surveys in a powerful, yet easy way using SurveyGizmo.

Currently, we are working on couple of more partnerships, which will emphasize on SEO and page load speed, as well as mobile browsing. We promise to continue this course further and to bring more amazing features around.We have also added a box with all our partnerships in the cPanel, where you can easily access them.

An amazing autumn, full of promotions is knocking on the door – just stay tuned via this blog, follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page to get the latest news first!