In the past couple of days we are observing a rather interesting trend in our flow of incoming Customers – a lot of people tend to transfer from Bluehost to TMDHosting for hosting their Joomla 1.5.x up to Joomla 2.5.16 powered websites.

Bluehost appears to be banishing their Joomla Customers using version 2.5.17 or below, forcing them to either upgrade on their own, let Bluehost autoupdate their website (yes, without human interaction – what could go wrong?) or get suspended. This maneuver is dangerous for the hosted websites in so many ways, but let us name just a few:


The official reason for banning Joomla 1.5.x from Bluehost is because this is an older version and is no longer supported. However, the truth is that if you already have a Joomla 1.5 website with some customizations, it is a completely usable, well-working, and stable platform. All you need is some extra human touch from a Joomla professional to patch your website and you are good to go!

In short, we at TMDHosting believe that all of the hard work put on so many Joomla websites should not go to waste, and we are ready to assist any Joomla user in preserving their website in a way they like it to be, while making sure it is secured and functional. TMDHosting specialize in Joomla hosting since 2007, and we have gathered detailed knowledge on how Joomla operates, allowing us to tailor our services to provide an incredible Joomla experience. And that does not stop with the environment – we know how important a helping hand really is, and that is why we provide FREE Joomla support and personal assistance to our customers. Thus, there are numerous options we can suggest for preserving the way your website looks, feels and operates, while improving its security and even its speed:

Step 1: Transferring your Joomla website to TMDHosting – it is free!

Our Genius Support Team will transfer all your data from your current hosting provider (no matter if it is Bluehost or not) to our servers. All you need to do this is to provide us with your former hosting company’s login details. It is a service TMDHosting provides completely free of charge. Furthermore, we will transfer your website to a server that is completely optimized and assembled to handle Joomla powered websites!

Step 2 (Final Step): TMDHosting patches your Joomla 1.5 website with no downtime guaranteed! – FREE

Once you have your website transferred over to the TMDHosting infrastructure, we can secure your Joomla 1.5 instance, that way allowing you to continue using it the same way as before, while making sure your website is protected against any known vulnerabilities. TMDHosting will neither threaten you with suspension for not upgrading your software, nor will insanely auto-upgrade the entire infrastructure, eventually leaving you behind with a broken and probably useless website. So far, there is only one major security hole in Joomla 1.5 and it already has a fix released for it, a matter that requires a small update, not a general change in the infrastructure. This is also a service, which TMDHosting’s Genius Team provides completely free of charge.

You would like to upgrade to Joomla 2.5.17 while keeping your website’s look & feel the same? We can help you out with that as well!

Of course, if you are a Joomla user and you find Joomla 2.5.17 or any other version more attractive or useful than the one you are currently using, TMDHosting covers you, as well. Why risk an automatic upgrade, when you can have a member of our Genius Support Team sit down and personally review and upgrade your Joomla instance? Our techs are insanely dedicated to their job, making sure that every module and component of your website can be upgraded before actually performing the upgrade, thus making sure no functionality is broken, or left behind. Where modules and components cannot be upgraded, their experience allows them to give suggestions for other, compatible versions, making the transition from an older to a newer Joomla version as smooth as possible.

So, you can have your website transferred over, secured, and running well on our Joomla optimized infrastructure, without having to deal with auto upgrades, or any changes. You can even have it manually upgraded, so that as much of your work as possible is kept in the new version of the site, and all of that, completely FREE of charge. Our technicians will be glad to take care of all the work required, saving you valuable time and effort, the only thing you need to do is to choose a hosting provider that knows their Joomla, and has the experience to prove it. We are looking forward to have you as a part of our happy Joomla family!


Gary Zappelli


Everybody, please meet Gary – one of the two winners in our 2013 web design contest. What he is holding in his hand is a beautiful iPad Air which is his award for being one of the two winners in the annual website design contest held at the TMDHosting’s Facebook Page. Participants were asked to upload a photo of their website and to collect votes for it.

Gary Zappelli is a nationally recognized, award winning video producer of animated videos. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He has a solid background in producing videos, as well as two awards (first and second place in “The People’s Choice category”) from the Corel 25-second video spoof festival. He also runs Zapro Media.

iPad Air, award by TMDHosting

He is а TMDHosting customer since August 2011 and currently hosts more than 10 websites. The hosting package that he mostly uses is the Amazing Hosting shared package. Gary won the contest with one of these websites – created for FD Hodge Interiors.

Gary said: “I have many sites hosted with TMDHosting – more than 10 in fact – and I picked because I felt it had elegance, sophistication and simplicity just like the interior designs it represents.”

“The images used on the home page just grab your attention.  It was hard to decide on which site to use.”, he also added.


Gary also happens to be a very profound member of the TMDHosting Affiliate Program and he uses any chance possible to refer new customers. As he says for himself – “I always refer my friends to TMDHosting, I even became a member of the TMDHosting affiliate program. I love the new TMDHosting website, but more importantly I love TMDHosting services –  especially the tech support when needed.”

I would also like to congratulate Gary, on behalf of the entire TMDHosting team, for participating and winning this contest. The other winner’s award is currently on its way and as soon as it arrives, we will meet and greet you with him, as well, so please stay tuned!



First of all – Happy New 2014! We wish it will bring you a lot of joy, happiness and success in every endeavor! The past 2013 was very dynamic to us at TMDHosting and we have changed a lot of things, in order to improve your websites’ loading speed and security. We are dedicating this blog post to the changes we have performed in 2013, as well as try to give a little sneak peek preview of what is next.

In 2013, first and foremost, we have changed our website, logo and mascot – you also should have already noticed these changes in the blog design, as well :) We wanted to create sleek, clean and business oriented design which is easy to follow, find information within and make yourself feel convenient while browsing it. Only time will tell if we have succeeded, but so far we are getting mostly positive feedback on the change.

Along with the new website, we have also launched our global expansion plan, which includes opening hosting locations worldwide and not only in the US. We fully understand that globalization is a never-ending process and the location you are using to serve your websites’ to your visitors is crucial. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands this is the first European Union hosting location that we have started to operate. The data center we are using there is SAS 70 type II certified and can be considered as reliable as our US locations. We have large capacity at this data center, ready to serve our happy European based Customers.

We have also had some serious technical improvements in our web hosting infrastructure. We are starting 2014 with most of our production and virtual facilities upgraded in terms of hardware. A very crucial component of the page load speed, namely the I/O operations, was improved drastically in 2013, thanks to our Genius Support efforts and their implementation of SSD (Solid State Drive). By decreasing the time needed for I/O operations, we have decreased the time a web page need to load by 40% on an average basis, though our tests also shown some sites with more than 55-60% improvement.

2013 was a year of technical innovations to the entire industry, not to us only. Facebook decided to release their Flash Cache technology to the open-source world. Not so long afterwords, we have implemented and combined it with the SSD storage mentioned above. The result was simply astonishing and improved a lot of page load times.

Innovations in 2013 were on the two sides of the border, unfortunately. People creating exploits and backdoors, spam bots and networks become more creative. Our Genius Support team, however, tackled this down by releasing our very own, in-house, web firewall system. Based on the well known Apache mod_security, our firewall system protects our Customers’ open source applications 24/7/365. A dedicated team of security engineers are involved in the daily security rules updating.

As 2014 has already started, there are couple of new big things ahead. Just to name a few – we have planned launching a brand new Client Area, so you get in touch with our Genius Support and manage your hosting accounts with even greater ease. Along with this project, we are now creating a full suite of Extra Services, to complement fully our wide range of major platforms – Shared, Reseller, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Servers.

Of course, there are projects which we are intentionally not mentioning in this post, but you will totally like. Stay tuned and follow our blog, Facebook and Twitter. Hints may well be found  on both places :)

Hello! Hopefully you are enjoying the holiday season as much as we do. During this season, we have been running a contest on the TMDHosting Facebook page, trying to find out the best looking website for 2013, which we are hosting on our servers.

The contest is over now and we have not one, but two winners! Let me explain – until the very end of the contest, voters were tore apart between the two leaders – Vinay Sagar and Gary Zappelli.

The difference between them turned out to be five votes only. As we truly appreciate all the effort put in popularizing their contest entry, we have decided to award them both.

Vinay entered the contest with a website he developed and designed for Gayathri – A Professional Kuchipudi Dancer. His entry received 344 votes.

Gary entered the contest with a website he developed and designed for FD Hodge Interiors, Boston. His entry received 339 votes.

Expect to hear more from both of them soon, as we have prepared a little talk with in the beginning of 2014.

Last, but not least – we would like to thank all our contest participants for their participation and fair play. Don’t give up on not winning this particular contest – it is the first from many, which we have planned for 2014 and you will have the chance to participate into. It will be an amazing year in which we have prepared a large variety of games to interact more with our Customers.

Hello everybody! It has been a very busy and exciting quarter at our offices. As you might have already noticed, we have released a brand new website last week. This introductory post was intentionally delayed so that we can fix all these little things that might have been bugging, still if you find something you think is not appropriate, do not hesitate to report it to our team.

After months of work, coordinated between every single department in our company, we have finally finished our first rebranding milestone – to release a new company website. We wanted to create sleek, clean and business oriented design which is easy to follow, find information within and make yourself feel convenient while browsing it.

First of all, you will notice that we have changed completely our color scheme. We picked up warm and comforting colors, which do not irritate the visitor and makes the information we need to provide easy to read.

Another very important aspect of our new design is our new logo, which is also designed in a minimal style, so it stands out and in the same time does not blink or flash too much.

We are on the market since 2007 and for the years behind, we have proved that we love what we do. This is the main reason for everything we start – from the smallest to the biggest project – to be performed in the most precise way. We are simply dedicated to providing our Customers with outstanding services. Thus we have decided to tie this company philosophy in our new slogan and you can officially refer to us as The Most Dedicated hosting company.

A very important change you will immediately notice is our new mascot. By the moment of launching our new website, we are still calling it Freddie – this was his name during the project.

We believe, however, you will find it a new name, one that fits better, and we have planned an exciting game for this purpose. It is planned to take place in January 2014, so keep an eye further.

Changes are not only visual, though! We have added a bunch of new dedicated servers - you can now benefit from the latest Intel E3 series versions. Our VPS plans were seriously revamped, so that you can scale them easier.

Last but not least we have finally launched Europe hosting location to meet the growing needs of our overseas Customers. The European hosting infrastructure we are using is located in facilities that meet the very high standards we have for our US based locations. It is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is an ideal hosting location for every website that has an audience in Europe.

Soon it will be followed by an Asia-Pacific option (expected by the end of Q1 2014).

Our technical support has also evolved a lot in the past years. With all the experience gained, all the tasks handled and all the troubles solved, we have decided to give them an appropriate branding too. The men and the women in our technical support team are so good in what they do, they are so devoted and they solve such complicated issues on a daily basis. They truly deserve to be distinguished by every other technical support out there (no offense, they are simply the best)!

They just do Genius work and they are dubbed Genius Support from now on. This name they have truly earned through the years.

The Genius Team have gotten even better and Geniuses continue to develop on a daily basis. Still, their assistance is included for completely free of charge in every managed package of ours – from the smallest to the biggest one.

So far – so good! We have prepared an exciting new additions to our website that we are working to launch. We will giving them a few detailed posts, still here is a list of newly designed areas that we are expecting to launch soon:

- A brand new Client Area and Support Center
- Redesigned and very lightweight Knowledge Base
- New blog design with more interaction options

We sincerely believe that you have liked our new website design. We have worked very hard on it, making sure that every single detail is drawn and arranged with great precision! Still, if you think that there is room for improvement or you just want to congratulate us – you can do this either in the Facebook post comments or email.