Our previous post about TMDHosting Affiliate Program introduced you to the wonderful world of easy money. And, although the whole idea of this program- to receive money as you sleep- is really as simple as that, there are some factors you might consider, in order to boost and increase this income.

When it comes to affiliate banners (or any advertising banners for that matter) you shouldn’t forget that it’s all about the location.  Placing your banner at the right place on your website would make all the difference. Just think about it- how often you click on other websites’ banners? Which are the ones that grab your attention- the small ones; the big ones; the ones placed at the top, bottom, left or right column?

As the practice of using banners for profit dates back some 20 years ago, banner placement studies have developed enough to give us some trustworthy statistics on the best positions for implementing these little money-bringers.

Have a look at the picture below- it shows possible banner positions for your website. The best banner position is colored in dark orange (the box that convincingly says “Must have”). To be more specific, this banner is placed 1/3 down the page as opposed to the top.

Banner Location

From the picture we can also see that other optimal positions are top, top left, direct left and 1/3 down as opposed to the bottom.

Of course, following this chart blindly does not guarantee you absolute success. This picture has been created on the grounds of extensive research where people have shown tendency to click on the darker-colored banners. However, one thing about people is that their actions can rarely be predictable.

It is very important to take your own website content and structure under consideration. For example, in case your content is left-positioned, you won’t be able to use the “Do it” locations to the left. On the other hand, for some websites the “Try it” locations could be more successful. In case you have a website with a big home page, where visitors will have to scroll down using the scroll bar, placing a banner right alongside it would be a good idea. When someone clicks on the scroll bar, he or she would inevitably spot the banner.  Also, in that case accidental clicks are possible and sometimes even accidents might leave to a sale.

Another good idea is to place banners right below an article, if you have one. Statistics show that this gives you a 17% greater chance to have someone click on the banner. In a world of money 17% is a serious number which should not be overlooked.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to the banner size. Naturally, larger banners get more clicks than small ones. However, you should again think about your site structure since large banners might not look good or even damage the layout of your site. And you’ll agree with me that a website with huge self-imposing banners is not a good sight and is quite off-putting.

Hopefully these tips will boost banner-earned income. Good luck to everyone using TMDHosting Affiliate program!