Although many applications meet the functionality required to create and administrate an online learning website most of them fail when it comes to user-friendly interface and easy site navigation.

A very important factor to consider in building your e-learning education website is that it will be used by students or other visitors interested in the courses or information published on your website. Thus, your website should be as easy as possible for navigation and content management. Additionally, a LMS platform should be powerful, yet simple to use in order to save you valuable time to actually create your content instead of struggling in the numerous menus and tools.

To meet this demand TMDHosting created an optimal hosting environment for Claroline learning management system. Claroline is a Web Based Course Management System which allows teachers (professors or lecturers) to create and administer course websites for schools and universities through a browser in just a few clicks.

Teacher on Claroline only needs to be familiar with his/her favorite browser. They will be asked to type text in forms, to click on OK and to prepare locally on their own computer quality documents to be uploaded on the website. Using the powerful tools available in the course management page you can easily create different assignments, notifications or exercises in additional to your e-learning materials. Detailed list of the key features of Claroline are available on their official webste.


Claroline support documents in any format (PDF, HTML, Office, Video). Additionally, you can create public or private discussion forums where your students may assists to each other in the learning process.

For detailed tour of the Claroline functionality you may review our step by step text tutorial as well as the video tutorials available.

If you are looking for a professional hosting environment on which you can start your building your e-learning website using Claroline you may review our Claroline hosting package.

If you need professional assistance to choose your Claroline hosting, please do not hesitate to contact our representatives via our live chat.

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