We are pleased to announce that our data center migration has been finally completed.

All of our VPS, Cloud and Dedicated servers are now successfully migrated to the new data center. Hundreds of servers have been relocated within less than two hours with the help of our Genius Support Team and our data center migration specialists.

The new facility will allow us to to improve the performance and reliability of all of our services, as well to incorporate even more green technologies in order to reduce even further our energy footprint.

Here are some of the direct benefits that the new data center offers to our customers:

1. Upgraded network equipment which will ensure improved connectivity and overall better server performance.
2. Enterprise grade, cutting edge security standards which are a must-have for every modern datacenter.
3. Speed.

This vast operation was very carefully planned and executed and we are glad that the issues we have faced during the migration were minor and immediately taken care of.

Last but not least we would like to express our gratitude to all of our customers. Without their patience and understanding the whole migration processes would not be possible.