Once again we have great news for you!

The second phase of our data center migration has been successfully completed. It was long and meticulously planned process and we are happy to announce that it was performed without any difficulties whatsoever.

All of our VPS and Cloud infrastructures were successfully migrated and already enjoying the substantial benefits of the new data center as:

1. Upgraded network equipment which will ensure improved connectivity and overall better server performance.
2. Enterprise grade, cutting edge security standards which are a must-have for every modern datacenter.
3. Speed.

We are already working on the last part of the migration which will take place at the end of this week:

The maintenance for Dedicated Servers is scheduled between 01:00 AM and 03:00AM (ET) on Saturday, Dec 13 2014 and Sunday, Dec 14 2014.

Every single customer who will be affected by the server migration process will be notified prior to the event via multiple channels – email and the special notification window in their client area, where additional information will be provided.

As always, our Genius Support Team will be standing by to assist you in any way we can!