Magento is surely one of the greatest platforms when it comes to building e-commerce websites. Its functionality gives you plenty of options to customize your online store. Many times while building your website, you may use third party modules to extend the functionality of your website. Unfortunately for one reason or another, sometimes those modules can cause errors on your website and bring it to the point when it becomes inaccessible. When such issue appears the first thing you may want to try is disabling the module that caused the error. Today we are going to show you how to disable Magento modules to help you fast and efficiently resolve such issues. There are two methods that you can use to disable Magento modules. We are about to show you both:

  • Disable modules through Magento Admin

The first and preferred way is to disable Magento modules using your site’s admin dashboard. To disable a module go to System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Disable modules output. That way you can choose the modules you wish to disable and even select the Store View for which the modules should be disabled.

  • Modifying XML files

In some cases, your Magento admin might have become inaccessible. In such occasions you can modify the module files manually, using a text editor such as notepad++.  What you will need to do is connect to your hosting account via FTP or cPanel -> File Manager. Navigate to:


You will see a whole bunch of .xml files. Each xml file has a name of  module (extension) used on your website:


Select the XML file for the module you wish to disable and open it. Find the two <active></active> tags and change the code between them to false to disable this module:


The code between the <active></active> tags should look like this:


Now save the file and the module will be disabled.

  • Disable local modules:

Sometimes you may need to temporary disable all local modules of your Magento store. This can be done by editing the file:


Find the following line:


and change it to:


Save the file and the local modules should now be disabled. This is a good starting point to debug your website.