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It is of no need to convince you that mobile devices in 2013 have conquered over computers and laptops. Statistics show that our browsing habits today look like this: every other person uses mobile to search the web for information (55%), more than half of the children aged 2-5 have access to a mobile device in a certain way – the majority of them uses it for playing games, retail business is swamped by mobile devices in its ¾ . In other words – to reach the 125 million U.S. consumers with a Smartphone and the other 50 million who own a tablet, you need to go mobile.
Caring about your online presence, we sincerely advice you not to leave this matter for later, because while you are reading this blog post, the percentage of people buying and using Smartphones are rising steadily. You may now think that “Oh, please, it’s not so urgent to get a mobile website setup!”, but you may also read how launching a good mobile site impacts different businesses.

Having understood the demand to be as mobile and flexible as your site visitors are, TMDHosting had established a successful partnership with the leader mobile website platform goMobi, because let’s admit it – the site on the right looks better and is more responsive:

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The responsive design and the better usability of a mobile site have proven to lead to better Click-through rate and result in rising revenues. Here are few ways in which goMobi can help your business thrive by the end of the year.

1. We bet you find yourself in this situation at least once a month – you are downtown, sipping from your coffee and preparing for a long downtown walk for a gift for your friend’s bday.
Didn’t you wish that you could simply type in your Search tab ‘gift shop downtown’ and then get all the relevant contacts on Google maps? Soon, this will be an outdated wish; unfortunately a lot of retail businesses have not yet embraced the idea of setting up a mobile site.
+ Multiple locations are also supported on goMobi platform

2. What could be better than finding the address of a gift shop? Certainly it will be better if you could have a look at their products, before you head towards the shop. Besides a gallery, you can add a short video, which provides more information than 20 photos of the same object, taken from a different perspective.

+ goMobi automatically converts and optimizes videos from Youtube or Vimeo for you

3. This is a good one – imagine you can see running promotions at the moment using your mobile. No, we don’t implement you should be scrooge about your friend’s present, but since you are going to go to that shop anyway, why not have a look at their hot offers?

+ highlights on certain products increases their convertibility

4. You are almost persuaded that you are buying the present, but you wish you could ask someone about an honest opinion before you head towards the shop. This is why you start reading a review section.

+ Reviews play important role in the last phase of the purchase. Nothing converts better than real people’s feedback.

5. This is the last step – you know what a present you will give to your friend. You should now just go and get it. But what if you could easily purchase it online and be done with the shopping right away?

+ integrating an easy-to-check-out shopping cart is a must if you want to provide a thorough customer experience

Of course, there are many more features your business may benefit from – Booking requests, Social media add-ons, Contact form, Site translations, QR codes are only a few to mention.

The best of all is that it is so easy to set up a mobile site! Watch this video guide and start your mobile site without further delaying it. It will start paying for itself very quickly!

TMDHosting is partnering goMobi and all our Customers benefit from a 30 days free trial, which can be activated via our Client area.