Today I decided to share some of my thoughts on mobile websites and the impact that they may have on your business. First, let me explain with few simple words, what is a mobile version of a site.

All websites can be accessed via mobile device. Mobile websites are optimized to suit the device’s small screen, slower speed and functions. The mobile site show the same vital information, but in a way that it is easily accessible and navigate through on the mobile device.

Have you ever wondered if your website needs a mobile version? Well let me answer that for you – most definitely, yes! “But Morgan, why are you so sure?” – you may ask. I will gladly answer that, but first, lets take some statistics, shall we? According to Wikipedia there are currently over 6.8 billion mobile devices in the world. Yeah, that’s a billion, with a “B”. In other words, nearly everybody in the world has a mobile device.

What this means is many of your site visitors will surely use their mobile device to visit your website. Of course you will want to present your site in the possible way on all platforms – both mobile and desktops.

The benefits from having a mobile site are many, but I will try to show the ones that are most important for you:

– First and probably most important – better user experience.  If the user is not able to easily find the information he is looking for, he might move elsewhere to look for. Having a simple and clear layout of your mobile site will make each visit leave a positive impression on your business image

More sales – meeting the needs of the mobile market and simplifying the checkout process is a good way to increase your profit.

Better Google rankings – search engines like Google are able to determine if a search is performed from mobile device and will show mobile optimized websites higher in their search results. Your site will have advantage against your less up-to-date competitors.

Show that your business is up to date with the industry standards. Having a mobile site will provide a technology aware image of your business.

Building a mobile website is not that hard or expensive. There are many tools that will help you built an interactive, good looking mobile site within a few minutes. I am glad to say that  TMDHosting recently partnered with GoMobi. They provide the perfect tools to create a mobile site with just a few clicks without any coding knowledge required. GoMobi’s tools have simplified the process of converting your site to a mobile one with just a matter of few clicks. It is a pretty cool way to catch up with the mobile industry.

So, how does your site compete in the mobile world? Tell us in the comments!