Hello everyone, due to popular demand today we are going to talk about one of the most popular additional services called Domain Privacy! First let me tell you that the Domain Privacy is not mandatory feature but an additional feature that can provide you with the following:

1. No one will be able to see the contact information of your domains.

2. No one will be able to sell your personal information to some 3rd party sides.

3. No one will be able to use your personal information for frauds, in order to register similar domain names.

4. No one will be able to send you unwanted emails to the email accounts with which you have registered your domain names.

If you want to protect your private details from any of the above possible scenarios you should really consider enabling the domain privacy for your domain. The domain privacy feature is really simple actually, the domain privacy is providing you only with the following feature:

— Hiding the contact information for the desired domain name from the WhoIs searches.

A lot of you would think, “What’s the big deal, if my private details are publicly available”. Nowadays the information is power, and some people make money from the information. After all the idea of the personal information is to be “personal” or shared only with specific people and fractions.

To sum it up the Domain Privacy is a handy add on for your domain name if you want to be sure that no one will abuse with your personal information. If you are interested in this feature you can find more information about it in your Client Area -> Order -> Extra Services -> Security and SSL.