Hello everyone!

It is Samuel Monard from the TMDHosting Genius Support team here. Are you ready for the new Drupal 8! It is just around the corner as the developers of Drupal has confirmed. This is why, we are starting a series of articles dedicated on reviewing this new version of Drupal in full.

With this article we will overview some of the new features of the fortcomming 8 version of Drupal.

Drupal 8 Overview

Drupal 8 is planned to be the most customisable and easy to modify version of Drupal and soon we will be able to put those promises to the test.

One of the most important changes is that that Symfony2 will be a part of the Drupal 8 Core. Symfony2 is an object oriented application framework which should bring many new features as:

  • Easy Symfony2 applications integrations with Drupal websites
  • Better overall performance and efficiency
  • Improved multi-lingual support
  • Full or partial page caching
  • Benefit from the large Symfony2 community

Here are some of the rest new feature which were announced by the Drupal developers:

Improved fields structure.
Extended signature content structuring system by including more field types in the Drupal core.

Drupal core improvements.
Even deeper integration of Drupal Views inside the core of the application. This will make Drupal  more customizable including the front page, listing blocks and even admin pages.

Improved WYSIWYG editor.
New improved WYSIWYG editor optimized for easier content editing. Drupal content editor has always being one of it’s strong features and we are hipped that it would be improved even further.

New configuration management system.
New system-based configuration management system has been announced. This new type of configuration management would make it super easy to transfer global configuration settings between systems. This feature has been of the ot most long awaited features.

Customise with ease.
Customisable dynamic display and new form mode systems have been announced too. With those the customization of different forms as users registration, contact forms should be higly improved.

Build-in responsive themes.
Other major changes in the new Drupal 8 would be the presence of mobile friendly build-in themes including the Drupal administration area. Those features will take the new Drupal 8 to completely different level from it’s competitors.

Native HTML 5 markup.
The new Drupal 8 would use the HTML 5 markup completely. The theme developers would be able to benefit from it as HTML 5 will provide simplified elements, classes, responsive image display etc.

Multilingual support.
This is one of the long awaited features which was never fully achieved with the previous Drupal versions. Now the developers have announced that the multilungual support will be a “game-changer”.  Every element of the Drupal system will be translatable using the built-in user interfaces.

Easier migration from earier versions.
Previous Drupal versions only supported upgrading from the version preceding the current release. Now with the new Drupal 8 new content import tools will be included which means that we will be able to import content from previous Drupal version like Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 into the newest available version.

New highly improved APIs for the Drupal developers and themers.
The new version of Drupal will embrace all the modern PHP techniques which will improve the development process of new modules and themes.

When it will be ready?
The answer is when IT IS ready. The Drupal developers are constantly working on the release and it’s release date should be revealed soon.

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