Hello everybody, it’s Morgan from the TMDHosting Genius Support Team. Today I am glad to announce that drush is now pre-enabled on all TMDHosting shared hosting packages.

For those of you that are not aware of it, drush is the Drupal command line tool created to make your life easier! With drush you can:

  • install
  • update
  • enable
  • disable

modules/themes/profiles/translations on your Drupal website.

In most cases in order to use drush, you must install it on your account and configure it. Instead, we have decided to enable drush on a server level.

That way we will save you some time from executing multiple commands in configuration of drush and give you more spare time to build your website the way you want it to be.

To use drush you will need to access your hosting account via SSH. For that purpose you can use SSH client like Putty. You can download it from http://tmdh.co/pXiEm

SSH access is available for every TMDHosting Customer upon request. We provide it completely free of charge. Get in touch with our Genius Team to have it enabled.

For more information about drush, you can give the official Drush website a visit – http://drush.ws