Most of you probably wonder about what this plugin can provide your website’s code with. Well, it’s not about the actual code of your website but it is about the code most of the developers are posting in their blog posts.

If you are a developer or just a person who would like to blog about some programing language most probably you will reach a point when you will need to paste some code into the blog post. Usually this process is not that hard, however after the code is pasted you will begin to edit it – to change its font style, to change the font-size and so on so you can show to your readers that the code is not part of your normal text in your blog post.

In such scenario the AI Code Highlight plugin comes quite handy as it highlight all of the code you would like to in quite a convenient way providing the code you have posted with stylish backgrounddifferent color and font than the normal text in your blog post.

Cool, isn’t it!

How should you install the plugin?


The plugin installation is quite straight process as you can either download the plugin installation archive from http://wordpress.org/plugins/ai-code-highlighter/ and extract the plugin into your wp-content/plugins folder or you can simply search for the plugin name – AI Code Highlight. Once you find it simply use the install and the activate links so you can have the plugin installed.

How to use the plugin? 

Now that you have installed the plugin you are most probably wondering how to use the plugin in question – fairly simple actually. Go to your already existing posts or create a new post via your wp-admin area -> Posts -> Add new. Then you will notice that there is a new icon appearing in the tools section of your text editor.


Hit that icon and a new interface for adding code will appear. There you should add the code you would like displayed in your blog post.


Once you are done editing the code please use the “Insert Code” button so the code can be properly applied to your post. Now if you update your post or you publish it you will notice the new code you have added properly highlighted.


There you have it – a great way to show off your code to your readers in easy and stylish way!