Debug Bar Slow Actions is an additional plugin extension to the default “Debug Bar” plugin which we have reviewed in one of our other Emerging plugins blog posts. It will basically add another functionality to your Debug Bar plugin which will allow you to view a list of the 100 slowest actions and filters performed during a page request on your Blog.

How should you begin with the plugin?

In order to install the plugin you can simple search for its name – “Debug Bar Slow Actions” in the search box provided in your wp-admin area -> Plugins -> Add new.

Once you install and activate the plugin it will not add an additional menu or a plugin settings page in your admin area. What the plugin will add however, is an additional functionality to your Debug Bar called “Slow Actions” which you will be able to notice in the Debug Bar left vertical menu:


What are the statistic provided by the plugin?

Along with the standard statistics provided by the Debug Bar plugin the Slow Actions addition will provide you with a brief statistic regarding the actions taken on the concrete page you are browsing at the moment:


Next the plugin will provide you with a list containing the top 100 actions or filters performed on the page in a convenient accordion view where you will be able to examine each and every element from the list easily.


You will be able to check the executed functions for each and every action or filter  from the list if you simply click on any of them.


Commonly the developers of plugins and themes for the WordPress application does not take in consideration the value of well optimized component. By using this plugin you will be able to easily make the difference when you deploy your developed component.

Another great issue this plugin resolves is related to the optimization techniques used for your application. Once you apply an optimization using some other plugin you will be able to check if it takes effect in the response time for the elements via the Slow Actions page.