The Easy Portfolio plugin will provide you with the option to display portfolio items on different pages/posts. With the integrated portfolio standalone page your users will be able to review every single portfolio you will add to your website.


How to install the Easy Portfolio plugin on your WordPress blog?


The installation process of the plugin is relatively simple due to the fact that this plugin is provided and supported by wordpress.org. Please follow these installation steps for full and automated installation process:

Step 1: Access your WordPress admin area

Step 2: Access the plugin adding page (wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add new)

Step 3: Search for the “Easy Portfolio” plugin

Step 4: Click the Install button

Step 5: Activate the plugin


Once the plugin is successfully installed and activated you will notice the additional menu item which will be added to the admin area of your WordPress blog.


How to use the Easy Portfolio WordPress plugin?


Once the plugin is installed please access its link from the menu of your WordPress admin area – Easy Portfolio.  There you will be presented with a complete list of the currently existing portfolios.


In order to add a new portfolio please use the “Add Portfolio Item” button at the top of the page.




This button will redirect you to a standard post creating page, however for the portfolio you will created. There you will need to configure the title of the portfolio, the content and also the featured image if of course you would like your portfolio to have such.


Of course you are also allowed to create portfolio categories and to configure additional portfolio settings at the bottom of this page.


Once you are ready with the configuration you should press the “Publish” button so your new portfolio can be created.


How to display a portfolio items on your WordPress posts/pages?


Let’s assume that you would like to have a list for all of your portfolio items displayed on one of your pages. You can do so by editing the page you would like to display your portfolio items and to add the following simple shortcode:




Once you save the page and refresh it in your browser you will notice how all of your portfolio items will appear on the page.


Every portfolio item will have its own dedicated page within your website and once a user clicks on the “Read More” button he/she will be redirected to that page where the full information for the portfolio will be displayed as you have configured it when you have created the portfolio item.




This plugin is particularly useful for designers or development studios representing their projects and features. With the simplicity this plugin provides you will be able to easily and with few clicks to provide setup all of the portfolios you would like your users to be presented with.