Everyone is well familiar what is Google Drive and how it works, however we would like to briefly describe the service for those of you who have never used that service.

Basically Google Drive provides Storage services for any Google registered user. The management of the service can be either performed via the web interface at https://drive.google.com/ or the users can download the Google Drive application for desktop computers directly from the Google Drive home page once they are logged.

The Google Drive WP Media plugin allows the actual connection between your blog and your actual Google Drive storage. The connection is performed using the secured authentication which your WordPress blog performs in front of the Google API servers.

Imagine that you can have access to all of the contents on your Google Drive from within your WordPress admin area. Now this is possible thanks to the wonderful plugin Google Drive WP Media we will review in details in the next line of this post.


How to begin with Google Drive WP Media?


In order to install the plugin you will need to either download the plugin installation archive from http://wordpress.org/plugins/google-drive-wp-media/ and then upload the plugin folder into your wp-content/plugins folder or you can directly search for the plugin name using the search box provided in your wp-admin area -> Plugins -> Add New.

Once you have the plugin installed and activated you will need to connect the plugin to your Google Drive storage space. In order to do so you will need to access the plugin’s settings pages which can be found in your wp-admin area -> Media -> Google Drive WP Media.


Once you access that page for the first time you will notice that the “Settings” section of the plugin is displayed where you will need to add the connection information for your Google Drive account. In order to obtain that information you can follow the tutorial provided by the authors of the plugin directly in the Documentation -> Google Drive API section of the plugin which can be found at the above mentioned page Media -> Google Drive WP Media.



Once you have all of the configuration of your Google Drive API Key done and you “Save” those settings you will notice a message that will appear in the header of your admin area on the same page. It will basically inform you that the connection to the Google API has been properly performed using the settings you have just added:

All right! Configuration – checked. What’s next?


Now that you have the plugin installed and configured you can begin benefitting from it. The first thing you will be asked for is to create a folder in your Drive for the contents from your WordPress to be stored into. Here you should simply enter any folder name you would like to use.

Once you have created the folder you should upload some files to it directly from within your WordPress.


As you can see the folder we have just created is called “WordPressBlog” and it has been properly listed in the list of available folders under our Google Drive. Now you should choose the folder you have just created from the previous step and then use the “Browse” button to upload the files you would like to.


Lets review now how to download files from your Google Drive and use these files directly into your posts!


In order to add a file to a post you will need to either edit an existing post or add a new one. We will use the second option and add a new post to our Blog from our wp-admin area -> Posts -> Add new.

For the purpose of this post we will add an image we have uploaded to our Google Drive of our Happy Robot and we will add that picture to the post. In order to do so we click on the “Add Media” button and then from the left vertical menu we select our Google Drive WP Media location.


Then we press the “Get Files” button so we can have all our files from the Google Drive listed and select the image in question. Finally we simply press the “Add to Media Library” button and the image is added to the WordPress Media Library. Then if we switch back to the “Insert Media” location we have our image uploaded to the list of available files and we simply add the image to the post.



That’s all! Now you can add whatever content you would like to from your Google Drive to your WordPress website!