If you own an online store with Merchium and you would like to have that online store integrated on your website the Merchium Shopping Cart WordPress plugin will provide you with that functionality in no time and with less efforts that you can possibly imaging.

Assuming that you have already built and configured your online store with Merchium it is time to integrate it with your WordPress based blog. The integration process will provide you with the option to add a page into your blog where all of your Merchium products will be displayed and the users will have the option to purchase products on the fly.

How to install the plugin?

The installation process for the plugin is fairly simple and nothing out of the ordinary installation process for any other plugin:

Step 1: Access your WordPress admin area

Step 2: Access the plugin adding page (wp-admin -> Plugins -> Add new)

Step 3: Search for the “Merchium Shopping Cart” plugin

Step 4: Click the Install button

Step 5: Activate the plugin

Once the plugin is activated it will automatically create a menu item called “Merchium Store” and it will be available at the bottom of the standard administration menu.

If you click on that menu item you will be redirected to the configuration page of the plugin.

How to configure the plugin and integrate your store with your WordPress blog?

Let’s begin with the configuration of your plugin. If you click on the “Merchium Store” button from the administration menu of your website you will be redirected to the configuration page for the module where the configuration process begins with connecting your Merchium account to your WordPress blog.


After you login you will need to get the widget code and paste it in the text box provided in Step 3 on this configuration page. The widget code is available under the admin area of your Merchium store -> Design -> Layouts.


There if you pay attention to the sidebar you will notice the “WIDGET CODE” area where you will find the code you will need.


Please copy this piece of code and go back to your WordPress blog so you can put it in the text field displayed under the step 3 of the configuration for your Merchium Shopping cart plugin.


Once you paste the code please press the “Connect store” button so your store can be automatically connected to your WordPress blog. Once your store is connected you will be presented with the “Control Panel” and “Visit Storefront” buttons. The first button will take you to your Merchium admin area and the second will take you to the newly created page for your store in your WordPress blog.


Note that the plugin will add automatically a menu link item to the main menu of your website.

We hope that this plugin will dramatically ease the integration you would like to perform for your Merchium store with your custom WordPress blog.