As the name suggest this Emerging Plugin is providing your blog posts with a responsive author box where your profile and your latest posts can be found. This creates more engagement between the reader and the author of the posts on your WordPress website.

Plugin architecture and design

WP Author Box Lite“ is using responsive design for displaying its contents perfectly good at almost every screen currently available worldwide. This basically mean that all of the information for the authors and their posts will be perfectly structured no matter if you choose to check the post via standard monitor or a mobile device such as Tablet or a Smartphone.

The plugin structure is fairly simple. It contains two tabs presenting information respectively „About the Author“ and also information related to the „Latest Posts

In the „About the Author“ section you will notice the avatar of the author you are browsing content from and also additional information about the author.


The second tab simply provides direct links to the most recent posts of the same author. The posts number can be easily changed in the admin interface of the plugin.

In the footer of the plugin interface you will notice all of the social links which you can use for connecting to the concrete author you are browsing content from. The plugin provides large amount of Social Network icons which will cover the needs for all of the social networks familiar authors.

Plugin installation

As almost every wordpress plugin you can simply install this one via the wp-admin area of your WordPress application -> Plugins -> Add New.

Once there you should search for a plugin‘s name – „WP Author Box Lite“ and simply install and activate it. Then you will notice that a new item will appear in the admin menu of your block called „Author Box Lite“. That is the actual administration page of the plugin where you will be able to configure the plugin based on your needs.


The administration of the plugin is fairly simple as it has 4 tabs you can configure settings for:

  • Display settings – Settings regarding the possition of the plugin on the pages of your application and also on the posts of the application.
  • Appearance Settings – Settings regarding the appearance of the plugin – Text Color, Background Color, Border Color.
  • Tab Settings – Settings regarding the display of the included tabs along with the components they display. You can set the number of posts displayed on the page here.
  • Social Settings – All of the support links for the profiles of the authors in the Social Networks.