We are continuing the presentation of our newest partners with a company that provides something, which you have met a lot around the Internet, however their product distinguishes among others with great ease of use, very affordable pricing and rich feature set. Meet SurveyGizmo – where people believe that even the most advanced survey tool should be easy to use – and they totally prove it.

Getting people’s opinion on a question seems quite ease, right? At least it looks so at the front end, where people are choosing among choices in a single survey. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said about the backend of all survey softwares you have seen (if any). A survey must be as easy to create as easy to answer is the mantra at SurveyGizmo and their software is really easy to use.

Having a really to use software, however, at first sight, leaves you with the impression that it will not be full of features. Well, this is not the case with SurveyGizmo and their features are simply unbeatable. No matter if you want to create a simple survey with a single question or a complex research on certain topic, containing different types of questions, you can do this with SurveyGizmo‘s tools with a very great ease.

The purpose of a survey is gathering data, which to be frank, is not a great use, in case that you cannot export the most important of it – information that will help you drive forward. Well, SurveyGizmo have you covered and provides a great set of reporting tools, having you a great time reading and analyzing your data.

We have now secured a great deal with SurveyGizmo – you can get a free 14 days trial and we encourage that you do so. If you are looking for an easy to use surveying tool, which provides powerful tools and astonishing designs out of the box – SurveyGizmo is your only choice.