Hello. It is David Perkins from the TMDHosting Genius Support team and I would like to take a bit of your time to introduce you to the Google Analytics service and the advantages it offers for you and your website.

What is Google Analytics and what does it offer?

With the use of the Internet and more precisely, exploring the web development niche in particular, the physical contact between you and your visitors is no longer available in most of the cases. For example, if you are running an e-commerce platform and a customer purchased goods from your online store, you may not even get a feedback on their experience on your website. However, this is a vital aspect of the whole development of your website as the more user-friendly it is, the more visitors (or potential customers) it will attract. This is the reason for the need of statistics for your website’s users and their behavior on your website, which will allow you to improve it further and make it more user-friendly as well.

Here comes the need of a statistics software for your website that will track different information, such as the number of visitors on your website, their location on the world map, the behavior of those visitors on your website and much more. One of the best available such services is the Google Analytics. It will provide valuable real-time statistics for your website, such as:

  • The location of your visitors and what they do on the site.
  • How to convert visitors into customers.
  • Which keywords resonate with prospects and lead to conversions.
  • Which online ad is the most effective.
  • Where people leave your website.
  • Which pages retain your visitors the longer.
  • What search criteria is used by people to find your website.

This and much more will be offered to you in the form of charts, tables, etc with the use of Google Analytics. The service is important as it will then allow you to make up important decisions. Is my website set the way my visitors expect it to be? Is it as user-friendly as I thought? Why are my visitors leaving the website and are they even able to find what they need?

When you get an answer to those questions, you will then be able to modify your website in order to improve the service offered to your customers.

What can TMDHosting offer for me?

Here, at TMDHosting, we do believe that our customers are the most important thing. Thus, we aim to assist with whatever we can, even on a non-hosting related matters, such as a Google Analytics integration. If you require assistance with the service, our Genius Support will gladly provide valuable information on what needs to be done or at least point you in the right direction.

Regarding the Google Analytics service in particular,  we do offer a full integration of with your already existing website. The process will be handled by our experienced team of professionals with years of experience using Google services as well as an extensive knowledge in the field of web hosting.

The integration is usually different for each application that you may be using for the development of your website. However, if you find this process to be complicated and you need assistance with that, you can always count on us as we would be more than glad to integrate the service wtih yoru website. All you need to do is to purchase the Google Analytics integration via your Client Area > Order > Extra Services > Google Services.

Once you purchase the service in question, our Genius Support team will open a new ticket to request some information that is needed for the integration of the service on your website. We will then use the new ticket in order to track down the integration process and inform you on that instantly. Upon completion, you will be able to use the statistics in question and further improve your website.