First of all – Happy New 2014! We wish it will bring you a lot of joy, happiness and success in every endeavor! The past 2013 was very dynamic to us at TMDHosting and we have changed a lot of things, in order to improve your websites’ loading speed and security. We are dedicating this blog post to the changes we have performed in 2013, as well as try to give a little sneak peek preview of what is next.

In 2013, first and foremost, we have changed our website, logo and mascot – you also should have already noticed these changes in the blog design, as well :) We wanted to create sleek, clean and business oriented design which is easy to follow, find information within and make yourself feel convenient while browsing it. Only time will tell if we have succeeded, but so far we are getting mostly positive feedback on the change.

Along with the new website, we have also launched our global expansion plan, which includes opening hosting locations worldwide and not only in the US. We fully understand that globalization is a never-ending process and the location you are using to serve your websites’ to your visitors is crucial. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands this is the first European Union hosting location that we have started to operate. The data center we are using there is SAS 70 type II certified and can be considered as reliable as our US locations. We have large capacity at this data center, ready to serve our happy European based Customers.

We have also had some serious technical improvements in our web hosting infrastructure. We are starting 2014 with most of our production and virtual facilities upgraded in terms of hardware. A very crucial component of the page load speed, namely the I/O operations, was improved drastically in 2013, thanks to our Genius Support efforts and their implementation of SSD (Solid State Drive). By decreasing the time needed for I/O operations, we have decreased the time a web page need to load by 40% on an average basis, though our tests also shown some sites with more than 55-60% improvement.

2013 was a year of technical innovations to the entire industry, not to us only. Facebook decided to release their Flash Cache technology to the open-source world. Not so long afterwords, we have implemented and combined it with the SSD storage mentioned above. The result was simply astonishing and improved a lot of page load times.

Innovations in 2013 were on the two sides of the border, unfortunately. People creating exploits and backdoors, spam bots and networks become more creative. Our Genius Support team, however, tackled this down by releasing our very own, in-house, web firewall system. Based on the well known Apache mod_security, our firewall system protects our Customers’ open source applications 24/7/365. A dedicated team of security engineers are involved in the daily security rules updating.

As 2014 has already started, there are couple of new big things ahead. Just to name a few – we have planned launching a brand new Client Area, so you get in touch with our Genius Support and manage your hosting accounts with even greater ease. Along with this project, we are now creating a full suite of Extra Services, to complement fully our wide range of major platforms – Shared, Reseller, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Servers.

Of course, there are projects which we are intentionally not mentioning in this post, but you will totally like. Stay tuned and follow our blog, Facebook and Twitter. Hints may well be found  on both places :)