You see the crocks, right? Having a bad landing page will literally make you feed them with your prospective leads. In order to avoid this we have compiled a good read about practices in creating landing pages and placing banners which hopefully you will like and enforce in the future. Avoid losing your leads to crocks thanks to the tips below.

What is a landing page? Let’s get a quick definition out of the way – in online marketing a landing page is the page, which you own and create for the purpose of promoting offers and campaigns to your visitors. This is the page, where you can prepare your visitors for what they will find on the offer page (the actual page, that the customer would complete the sale or lead on).

How do you prepare your landing page then? It all depends on your and your visitors’ personal choice and web design taste, yet there are certain simple things you should and shouldn’t do to improve the CTR (click-through rate) and to generate more traffic to the site, which you are affiliated with. You have one first chance to impress your motivated visitor to pursue the purchase process.

First, don’t copy  – if a product detail landing page works for your competitors, this doesn’t mean it will necessary work for your visitors, who may be more willing to get to the offer only after they have read your thorough and honest opinion and in that case a personal review would work better than a whole comparative page, filled with characteristic features of the product or service. In this regards, a great compliment towards a review may be a banner with a discount code on it. Surely your affiliate manager will be willing to collaborate with you even more actively, had you requested such a dedicated promo.

Then, it is important to test whether the current content and banner ads placement of your landing page is the optimal one. Maybe you don’t need a big 728px x 90px .gif banner to distract the visitors from the review you wrote,

but a small 88px  x 31px static banner would do better.

However, in that case you should be a TMDHosting customer, too, and the function of the small banner would be simply to confirm that you are rather happy with your hosting provider and you believe in the excellence of the service so much, that you can even recommend it to the public.

Next sincere tip is – don’t overload. Sometimes in an attempt to present a product or a service in full, we give too much information and the important message is lost in between banners, colors, bullets and text. Keeping your offer message clear is more important for the conversion ratio, than being detailed.


Another more very important aspect of the landing page design is the the colors you use in it. Here is an infographic from Webpage fix, which you can take a look into. Image is very lengthy to include, so please follow this link to it.

Did we also mention that in order to become an affiliate, you don’t actually need to have a website of your own? What it simply takes is to copy and paste your affiliate link anywhere on the web. You can take this link from your affiliate panel by going to the Promotions -> Banners & Links direction. There under the Banner type: Link, you will find your text link:

Regardless of the fact that you don’t have a website, you can insert your affiliate link (and not the one in the example above because each affiliate ID is unique and generated when you join the program) in a forum signature or even post it as a comment under a relevant topic. You can also consider exchanging it with friends or family, either via social networks, instant messengers or email. As soon as someone decides to click on this link, you can see this tracked in your click’s report within the affiliate panel:

Once this visitor makes a purchase, you will see this purchase in the same place. That is all.

At the end – it is essential that you choose carefully the partners you would like to promote. You should know that a great landing page is only 50% of the success you can have. The other 50% depends on the quality of the promoted product and the way that the offer page looks. Luckily, most of the sites, who offer affiliate programs, have affiliate managers, who would gladly help you if you communicate what your affiliate wishes are.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this tips! We will continue sharing interesting facts and advices in our blog every day, so stay tuned!