The purpose of this article is to show some ways of raising your website popularity. Making your website popular maximizes traffic to it which automatically converts your visitors into buyers or at least makes them your dedicated followers.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social networks submissions
  • Paid advertisement methods
  • Other methods

Search Engine Optimization

The process of a real Search Engine Optimization can be really long and complicated one. Still, we will mention some essential tips that should help you to attract more traffic to your website from organic search queries.

First, you should make sure that your website is well indexed by the search engines. You can “help” them by creating a SiteMap of your website and submit your website via different search engines. To create a sitemap you can use some free services available on the Internet. For example, the following website provides a free SiteMap generator which will include up to 500 pages of your website —

As soon as you have your SiteMap generated, you should place it under the root of your domain name in order to be accessible via http://your-domain.tld/sitemap.xml. It is a good idea to submit your website to different search engines. You can use the following links to submit your website:

You may also register your website to the Google WebMaster tools ( where you will be able to submit your SiteMap as well.

Additionally, you can order a SiteMap generation and submission as an extra professional service via your TMDHosting Customer area -> extra professional services.

Every website, which is running for a good search engine ranking should have a good sitemap, in addition to its search engine optimization. By purchasing this service, you ensure that all crawling search engines (including Google, Yahoo, etc.) will be informed of your website’s content in terms of links and other hierarchy. You also will be allowed to include additional information about each URL, such as when it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is in relation to other URLs in the site. This allows search engines to crawl the site much more intelligently, which automatically improves your search engine rankings. The better rankings, the bigger revenue and more visitors you get to your website.

Another thing that you should consider is to create SEO-friendly content for your website. For example, you should do your best to title your articles as close as possible to the natural (organic) terms that a person would use if it is looking for your content. Additionally, you should make sure that your pages have title tag, meta description tags and meta keywords tags which will definitely increase your content visibility in the search engines.

For more detailed and additional information you may refer to the Google Webmasters section where different aspects of website optimization are explained.

You can also take advantage of our professional SEO optimization services which includes:

  • Meta tags optimization
  • Meta description optimization
  • Manual Submission to the biggest Search Engines(Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc)
  • Manual Social Networks Submission
  • 500 USA Targeted Visits
  • Traffic Boost Program
  • Sitemap attachment
  • Googlebot one time invitation

With this exclusive service, you will have the opportunity to allow our search engine optimization specialists to analyze your website’s content and advise the most appropriate solution for boosting your website’s search engines ranking. The better ranking, the more visitors you will be getting to your website. This service can be ordered via your customer area with TMDHosting -> extra professional services.

Social networks submissions

Different social networks can be a great source of referral traffic to your website. You can both provide a way for your visitors to submit your articles and products to different social networks and submit your content on your own.

One of the most popular way to provide your visitors with the option to submit your website through different social networks is the Bookmark This button. It provides a huge list of different websites where your website can be submitted. You can obtain your AddThis/BookMark button from the following website:

On the other hand, you can submit your articles and products to networks such as:

and many others which are available in the Bookmark This tool. Furthermore, you can create pages of your website or submit it in different social networks. Create social profile pages at squidoo, hubpages, bumpzee, twitter, facebook, etc. on which you put the same content or links to your website. Creating such profiles takes a couple of minutes and so is updating them with links to your website. You may refer to the following list for example:

Paid advertisement methods

Paid advertisement is another method to increase your website traffic. One of the most popular ways to advertise your website is the Google pay-per-click program. You can read more about the Google AdWords advertisement programs on their official website.

Additionally, you can use banner advertisement method. You can find different websites which has relevant content to your topics and contact the webmaster for any opportunities to place a banner on their website. Most websites usually have an advertisement section where you can check the fees and the expected traffic referral rate based on the website statistics.

Other methods

Set up a blog and post articles about your website. With each post you make give a link to your site which you can then submit to social bookmarking sites. Search engines love blogs as they have real content and are very often updated. Moreover, whenever you write for your blog you need to use all the strong keywords you are aware of connected with your website and product/ service. Be very careful with the articles you write as those can be used to demonstrate your knowledge and improve credibility in your area of business. On the other hand, articles can be submitted to optimized article directories. Someone visiting those directories and reading your articles will be impressed by your knowledge and expertise and will click through to your website via a link at the bottom of the article. So, make a blog for your website and give interesting articles to your visitors to read – you can be sure they will be coming back for more raising your website’s traffic.

Comment on other people blogs posting meaningful comments. Be sure you post in blogs which allow links back to your website. Do not forget to read the post correctly before making original comments. Otherwise you could be accused of spamming.

Join forums and discussion sites relevant to your theme. Read the topics that you feel closest to and try to participate in the discussion and don’t do it in a commercial way. At the end of each post place a signature link that will help the concerned people find your site.

Create videos about your company/product and share them on YouTube and other video sharing websites is also a great way to increase your site traffic. As YouTube is a great advertising venue, such videos will help you promote your business and services easily. Once you have your videos and upload them, do not forget to give them correct titles and description. A good title is catchy and interesting or includes keywords that will help people remember it or find it via the search engines. You can also promote your videos on social networks and sites like Stumble upon, Digg and Hubpages which are the best ones to use in this case. Include a link to your site in the description or any other additional information that could catch the attention of ones watching the videos and helps them remember them easily

We hope that the provided information will help you successfully promote your site for free over the cyberspace. Give it a try – your efforts and promotions are most likely to pay off soon.