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My name Simon Davis from the TMDHosting Genius Support Team and in this article I would like to discuss the very basics you will need to start a successful online store in no time and most importantly with  less effort than usual.


What is a successful online store today?

When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.
(Confessions of a Shopaholic-the movie)
― Sophie Kinsella

A successful online store today represents not only the intention of its owner to sell goods but also the client’s opinion when it comes to certain online store the client have purchased products from. Of course not only the client opinion is important but also the income which the store generates from the daily sales it maintain.

Making your online store successful does not always mean that you need to sell large number of products or that you need to make large amount of sales each day especially in the beginning. This is the magic of making your customers happy and satisfied with the products they are purchasing the same as ensuring a good income from the sold goods.

The E-commerce business these days allows the owners to manage their working place the same as choosing their own workng time. And what is more important than:

  • Working for your own salary and not relying on your boss to get your salary increased.
  • Managing your own working time.
  • Communicating with large amount of customers and taking care for their happiness while you are making real money for your own good.

Additionally managing your own online Store will help you reach millions of customers which basically mean large income for you based on the sold products.

How to start your online Store?

Well most importantly you will need to have a great products you will be selling. Usually this is related to expanding your already existing business out of the physical store you have to the world wide web and making the product available to the global user. Of course it is not a mandatory to have a physical product. You can sell virtual products such as video games, e-books, magazines, music and many more.

The second thing you will need is a beautiful, user friendly and of course security reliable website. This can be achieved quite easily using the opensource e-commerce applications distributed worldwide. Take for example our e-commerce list of applications at:

TMD Hosting E-commerce Hosting

There you can find a complete list of applications support on all our Hosting packages.  Currently the most used applications are:

  1. Magento
  2. OpenCart
  3. Prestashop

Once you are done choosing your e-commerce platform you will need to install and configure your online store which is quite well explained in our Tutorial section for the concrete application:

TMDHosting E-commerce tutorials section

Most probably you will need to choose a template for your Store. This is also quite easy as we provide wide range of templates for the most used E-commerce Platforms:

TMDHosting E-commerce templates section

Of course there are also quite a lot of websites offering templates for the opensource E-commerce applications:

and also the official websites for the opensource E-commerce application you have chosen.

Our Genius Support Team is at your disposal if you face any issues with the installation of the template and the E-commerce platform itself. The only thing you will need to do is to open a new ticket from your Client Area.

As long as you have your E-commerce website up and running you are almost ready to go online and to begin selling your products.

The final and most important steps are to configure properly your Store including the following features in it:

  • Inserting all of the products you would like to sell – Please make sure that the products have good description and at least 4 images the client can review the product from.
  • Have an SSL installed – This will ensure the security of the data your customers are inserting in the required fields of your Store such as Credit Card details, emails, usernames password or any kind of personal information.
  • Adding large amounts of currencies – This will allow your products to be sold in many countries of course if you are looking for not only local sales.
  • Adding large numbers of available translations of your store – If you are aiming to reach large amount of customers worldwide then most probably you will need to secure the customer convenience by adding large amount of Languages and locales to your Store.
  • Managing Store’s newsletter – This will allow to keep your customers informed for large amount of discounts, ongoing promotions or just to congratulate them for Christmas or New Year.
  • Performing major Marketing campaign each month with different discount or promotion.

How to maintain your online Store? 

It is quite easy when you create yourself a daily routine to manage your online Store. The core activities you will need to perform is to check and accept orders, communicating with clients and of course adding new products to your Store so you can provide your customers with large amount of items they can choose from.

If you do not have a marketing department then most probably you will need to manage your own marketing campaigns. This is not a rocket science these days like it was a decade ago when the online stores were not trusted nor used by the number of clients they are trusted today.

In many cases you will need to secure good advertisement. This can be easily achieved with services like:

When your online Store grows, and with grows I mean the number of customers and users accessing your Store is increased you will most probably need a better plan to keep your Store online and ready for your customers. Recently my colleague Morgan have released an article which is well explaining what you will need to know when you should upgrade your hosting service. If you are interested you can peek at:

When you should upgrade to VPS or Dedicated hosting? 

Of course if you need further guidance on the matter you can always submit a support ticket to our Genius Support Team and we will be more than glad to provide you with all of the information you might need.