Nowadays Internet is the fastest growing market in the world. Thus, there is nothing more reasonable than your desire to step into it and sell your products world wide via your eCommerce website.

Paid or open source – that is the question

Of course, before you start you should choose the platform of your online shop that will best fit your needs and budget. You can always hire a team of developers to build your very own shopping cart but in most cases this will be an expensive solution. In case you would like to save some money you may choose between the free open source applications and the paid products on the marked.

Here comes the question why should someone pay for a shopping cart when there are plenty of open source applications available to download and use free of charge. Because of the growing need of secure and reliable platforms the open source applications became more and more stable and functional. In addition, a large number of independent contributors developed many modules, components and addons to these applications in order to fit the needs of the larger number of people who want to start their online shop.

On the other hand, this forced the developers of paid applications to bring the technical support, functionality and stability of their products to a whole new level of quality. By trying to apply all the cutting edge features that you might need from your shopping cart and providing technical support for their clients many paid products managed to keep their place on the market.

What are the benefits of choosing a paid eCommerce application rather than an open source one?

Some of the most important advantages of the paid applications are the support and better security provided by their developers.

Technical and development support

Very often during the development process of your shop based on any application you may need some special modifications which may require a development work. Usually such services are not offered by the hosting companies which provide technical support only for hosting/hosting service related issues. In such cases you will need to contact a developer which most often may be expensive even if your request is a minor modification of a basic functionality. In such case it is a major advantage to have the developers of your paid shopping cart on your side. As their customer you are entitled to receive technical support for issues related to their application and sometimes this can be a great advantage.

Furthermore, in case a bug occurs in your application you can count that it will be resolved by the developers of your application. As for the open source applications, very often it can be a real pain to find a solution for certain bugs.


It is not a rule, but in most cases it is true – the paid applications have better security. In most cases the security is one of the main advantages that the developers of the paid applications are trying to point out. Not only because a hacked paid application is the worst advertisement for the product but for the fact that when you rely your business on a piece of software the very fist thing that you expect is to have security.

Some disadvantages and additional expenses

Unfortunately, in most cases the application installation support for these applications is considered by the vendors as a paid service. Having in mind that you will need a hosting for your website add some extra expenses and this might be a problem if you are just starting your online business. Most of the companies provide hosting services for their products, however, it is rather expensive or very limited to the resources required for their very own application.

Solutions and additional features

You should consider the fact that your business will need not only the shopping card but email accounts, additional space or even a forum or a blog for additional SEO optimization of your website. Very often this cannot be achieved on the limited or expensive hosting services that paid shopping cart companies offer.

As every new beginning you may come to the struggle between the expensive high quality and the cheaper solution. In order to assist you in this matter for better results we, at TMDhosting, selected some of the most popular free Open Source applications which cover almost all functionalities you may require in order to build your online shop.

One of the most preferred free open source eCommerce platforms nowadays are:

magento_logoMagento is one of the most recommended eCommerce software platforms with the fastest growing communing on the market. Totally free and open source, you can take advantage of the great look, feature-rich and secure eCommerce building platform. Our Magento hosting package includes a lot of free text tutorials and video tutorials as well as unique free templates for our customers.

oscommerceosCommerce is an open source, eCommerce and online store management software program. It can run on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed. It is available under the GNU General Public License and comes free of cost. This application offers an ideal online shop e-commerce solution and features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, fees, or limitations involved.

logo_cubecartCubeCart is an “out of the box” ecommerce shopping cart software solution which has been developed to ease you to quickly setup a powerful online store, which can be used to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers all over the world. It includes a great set of powerful features enabling your business to trade online successfully. It is easy to modify the look and feel of your store to match your company’s branding or to site comfortably beside your existing website due to CubeCart’s powerful HTML template system.

cs-cartCS-Cart is a turnkey shopping cart software solution, that includes all the necessary features and functions to build a successful online business. It is an “out of the box” solution, with easy to use functionality that allows you to immediately start to sell online, ranging from a one-product shop to a fully-featured online store.

CreLoaded shopping cart program adds many new features and has a redesigned administration interface for improved efficiency, with new tabbed arrangements on the Catalog, Product Edit, Article Manager, and the new CRE Page Manager pages.

All eCommerce hosting packages includes excellent technical support assistance, free modules, components and template installation.

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  • Joel

    thanks for the suggestions, you made me re-think my options when selecting my future e-cart

  • myfreelance

    There are a lot of different reasons why some opted to use paid solution while some go for open source solution.

    If I have enough budget, I will definitely go for the paid solution but with the status of the economy right now open source is definitely the answer.