headerIt is freezing cold outside and the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Are you ready with your ecommerce website and those special holidays promotions everyone is waiting for?

There is one thing that most website owners often forget and this is the increased holiday traffic. Usually, the holiday season with all the special holiday discounts is a recipe for significant spikes in the incoming traffic that can lead to your website being unresponsive and getting down easily. This can lead to missed sales opportunities and we are sure that this is something you do not want to experience.



Here are some of the best practices to prepare your website for the expected high website traffic:

Optimize your website

There are multiple ways to optimize a website. Some of them are easy just as removing any unneeded modules and content from your website that can result in increased loading time while others require some specific actions such as clearing the MySQL database from old logs and temporary data. In case you are not experienced with such techniques we would strongly recommend you to contact your website developer for assistance with this.
Do not forget to backup your website before performing any of the above changes.

Use Cloudflare CDN


For the past year TMDHosting partnered up with one of the best Content Delivery Network providers nowadays – Cloudflare CDN. This partnership provides all our customers with the ability to activate the CDN features improving both the performance and security of their website at no additional cost.

For those who do not know how the CDN works I would recommend the following article: Content delivery network: the wormholes of the Internet

In short, the CDN service caches the content of your website to multiple servers around the world. When a customer from across the ocean tries to access your website, instead of being connected to the original server, where your website is hosted, they will be automatically connected to the nearest server possible from the CDN network.

Bringing your website closer to your visitors using the CloudFlare CDN will not only increase the overall loading speed of your website but will also improve and handle the incoming traffic.

Upgrade your hosting package

One of the smartest ways to prepare your website for the holiday traffic is to upgrade your hosting package. Your current shared hosting account might be more than sufficient for your regular website traffic but the holiday traffic spike might bring it down easily. What you can do is upgrade your hosting package to any of our VPS or Cloud Server hosting packages to assure there is more than enough system resources to welcome your new visitors during the holidays.

Once upgraded to any of our VPS and Cloud packages, you can easily upgrade or downgrade according to your needs, without any downtime. You can find more information about our VPS and Cloud servers here:


To Sum Up

The abovementioned methods will prepare your ecommerce website for the holiday season which is often pointed as the most important part of the year in terms of sales. To be able to gain the most from your business be sure you are one step ahead and prepare your website on time.

Last, but not least, if you don’t own a website yet but plan to bring your business online you still have time to catch the holiday season. You can find out how to start your successful online store in our previous posts. All our hosting packages are specifically optimized and you can start your ecommerce website within couple of minutes.