In this article we will summarize the most important points that should be covered when you are looking for a Magento hosting. Be advised that these topics are based on the official documentation, recommendations and forum of Magento as well as customer feedback and search engine key words research.

  • System requirements compatibility
  • Extra fees and installation services
  • Knowledge base, tutorials and extras
  • Technical support and eCommerce experience
  • General Hosting plan features

System requirements compatibility

The first and most important point is that your future host should be fully compatible with Magento system requirements. Most of the modern hosting companies should be compatible with some of the Magento requirements. Still, be advised that your host should be fully compatible with all of them for best performance. It is important to mention that no a hosting service which does not fully cover the official requirements is not absolutely qualified for the Magento eCommerce platform.

You can easily check a hosting server about its Magento compatibility by the official Mangeto check script. For example, below are the results that should be displayed if your hosting is fully qualified for Magento application. The results are from our TMDHosting server:

Congratulations! Your server meets the requirements for Magento.

  • You have PHP 5.2.0 (or greater)
  • Safe Mode is off
  • You have MySQL 4.1.20 (or greater)
  • You have the curl extension
  • You have the dom extension
  • You have the gd extension
  • You have the hash extension
  • You have the iconv extension
  • You have the mcrypt extension
  • You have the pcre extension
  • You have the pdo extension
  • You have the pdo_mysql extension
  • You have the simplexml extension

You can download the Magento compatibility check script from here.

If you would like to perform the Magento compatibility check on your end, please click here.

Extra fees and installation services

It is very important to be aware of any other fees that are applied in additional to your hosting plan. For example, if your hosting company charges for Magento installation services or any extra fees are applied for modules, components and themes installation.

As most PHP/MySQL based applications the Magento installation is a straight forward procedure and you should not be charged for this service due to the fact that it does not require any development or specific technical support work nor additional time of exclusive work. Furthermore, Magento team has developed a very easy-to-use fully automatic module installation feature fully integrated in the Magento application. Thus, no additional fees should be applied for modules, components and template installation as well.

Considering the facts above, TMDHosting provides free Magento installation as well as free modules, language packs and templates installation included in our Magento hosting package.

Knowledge base, tutorials and extras

It is very important to check your future host knowledge base and tutorials available. The more information is provided by your hosting company, the more experienced their representatives are with the support and hosting service of the Magento application. The most important information you should be looking is a straight forward guidelines on how to install, configure and maintain your eCommerce Magento website.

We completely understand that as much as possible information should be available for our customers. Thus, we have created a content-rich tutorial base for Magento, as well as many video tutorials.

Additionally, we have created unique Mangeto templates which are freely available for our customers. Please note that these templates are not available for public download and only as a TMDHosting customer you can take advantage of having your unique look and feel for your eCommerce website.

Technical support and eCommerce experience

Even with the best knowledge base your Magento host should provide excellent support. This is of a great importance in order to make sure that you will be able to build your eCommerce website trouble-free from the first to the very last step. Only a support team with good understanding of the eCommerce concept and a lot of experience with online shops can provide accurate and timely assistance.

General Hosting plan features

Despite all the Magento related configuration settings and requirements you should be looking for a feature-rich hosting plan. Most probably you will need email accounts, additional databases for other applications as well as FTP accounts and statistics of your website visits. Last but not least, SSL feature should be available for you as a hosting feature upgrade in order to make sure that your website will be able to provide secure payment process. All of the above should be unlimited and freely included in your hosting package.

In our desire to create a complete all-in-one eCommerce Magento hosting package we have collected all the required basic hosting features such as Emails, MySQL database support and FTP as well as specially optimized hosting environment for the Mangeton platform. Please review our Magento hosting package and feel free to contact our experienced representatives via the live chat.

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