In this article we would like to present you one very specific feature of Magento eCommerce solution – the multi store support of the Magento application also know as Magento Mall.

What is Magento?

Since the very first stable release of Magento eCommece software thousands and thousands Internet users turned to this platform due to its great functionality, flexibility and almost unlimited features which pushed the eCommerce websites to a whole new level. Not a long time after a large community has been gathered and as a result the world of Magento is expanding every day with new extensions, themes and tutorials. This turned Magento into one of the most preferred and popular eCommerce platforms for people who want to create their own online stores and it is complete free.

Is Magento Mall (Multi Store) different?

Yes and no. Magento Multi Store is actually a standard Magento application which uses the same core files and database as the standard Magento installation. Still, the secret of creating an unlimited number of stores by only using a single installation is hidden behind the great configuration features in the Magento administrative panel.

By performing a proper configuration of Magento you will be able to create unlimited number of stand alone shops using only one installation of Magento store. These stores can be fully independent or different variations of your main store (different language translations for example). Furthermore, you can apply different domains, subdomains or subfolder URLs to every each of your stores created via the admin panel. This provides you with even further flexibility and literary unlimited possibilities when it comes to eCommerce site search engine optimization, URL-friendly links and product categorization.

One of the key features of using one core installation instead of multiple Magento applications is that all of your stores can be configured to use one SSL and check out process instead of ordering expensive wildcard SSL certificates or creating and configuring several check out forms and pages. Another not just a complimentary but a key feature is the available option to set different templates and layouts for different shops you create. Taking advantage of this option will allow you to create unique stores for different product lines you are about to sell.

Hosting for Magento Multi store

It is important to mention that you can setup different domains to different shops without the need of addon slots which are usually considered as extra feature and are a subject of additional fees. Magento Mall allows you to configure your domains as parked which should be provided free of charge by most hosting companies but still point the domains to the desired shops you have created.

Magento Shared hosting

If you are going to create 2 or 3 Magento websites using the Magento Multi store features you may consider a shared hosting account for your needs. A good, stable and reliable shared hosting environment should be fully enough for your needs. TMDHosting complete MagentoMulti Store hosting package and services will provide you with free installation and configuration as well as free Magento templates, video tutorials and text tutorials.

Magento VPS Hosting

If you are going to create a large number of independent stores using Magento Mall you will most probably need more than a shared hosting environment. We do understand that sharing is not for everyone and providing a quality service for your business is essential. Our fully customizable VPS hosting solutions will be perfectly suitable for your eCommerce website. Additionally, they can be further optimized to meet the specific needs of your website depending of the needs and resource consumption. This will assure the maximum performance without exceeding your hosting budget with unnecessary fees and upgrades.

Which hosting plan to choose?

You can easily choose the best hosting plan and start your eCommerce Magento Multi store website in a matter of minutes by contacting our friendly and experienced representatives via our Live Chat. They are 24/7 at your disposal.

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