Major upgrade of our VPS infrastructure starts this week

Today, we at TMDHosting are extremely proud to announce the latest technology advancement we have achieved! A technology leap big enough to improve drastically the quality of service, its availability and in the same time reduce greatly the time your website needs to load.

logo1Starting February 20th, we will begin migrating our existing VPS services to an all-SSD based, highly-available and extremely powerful cloud infrastructure. While most of the hosting industry is still running on bare metal, OpenVZ, oversold and overloaded virtualization servers we are launching fully fledged (network, compute, storage, API) OpenStack public and private cloud services. Your VPS will be migrated to a separate, KVM based virtual machine residing in our cloud.

logo2The past couple of months were very intense for our entire company, but especially for a dedicated team of TMD engineers. Our CloudOps Team has used a wide array of cutting edge cloud computing technologies, altogether on top of the latest hardware on the market and the outcome is truly fascinating. The resource usage optimization that our new technology brings on board, easily allows us to grant up to 60% of additional resources (CPU, RAM, Bandwidth) to your VPS at no extra cost!

logo3Disk operations (read and write) are traditionally the bottleneck of every infrastructure, no matter big or small. Well known rule of thumb is that the faster your disk operations go through, the faster your website will load and the smoother your visitors’ experience will be. Our new infrastructure was designed to eliminate the disk operations delay and with high performance in mind. We are launching our cloud service on top of a redundant, all-SSD array thus bringing 20 times faster page load results than before.

logo4Our new cloud service is not only built with blazing speed and performance but also with high-availability in mind. Every single part of the new infrastructure is designed to be fully redundant. Your data is being distributed logically and replicated in our all-SSD storage cluster. Your website’s computing operations (CPU and RAM) take place across our multiple redundant and extremely powerful computing farms. Your VPS networking is being handled by separate, fully redundant hardware. Everything we have built is designed to keep you online, no matter what.

logo5While we are doing a vast amount of technology and platform changes under the hood, we will continue to provide the same quality, flexible and fully-managed services you are used to. We just have set foot to be the first company on the market that provides fully managed, all-SSD and high-availability cloud services.
Your VPS will be moved to this new infrastructure in the upcoming month at no extra cost and a precise time frame for the migration, along with a detailed explanation of the process will be announced in a personal email, as soon as your turn approaches.

Follow our blog for more articles covering our cloud transition and stay tuned for the upcoming migration notifications we will send. Feel free to comment below with any inquiries regarding our new cloud services and do not hesitate to reach out for any additional information you may need.