Today’s post is dedicated to all Facebook and Twitter fans who want to have their own social networking website looking just like the ones we all know about and use daily.

It’s a sure thing that even without reading through statistics you can say that the number of people who register daily to use Facebook or Twitter is a huge one. And it’s true – popularity of those community websites is so great that it’s no surprise that the number of BuddyPress users is growing so quickly, too. Before going further in this article, we should say a few words about BuddyPress for those who hear/ read about it for the first time: BuddyPress is a set of WordPress plugins and themes which extend the multi user version of WordPress with many social network features such as extended user profiles, private messaging, friends lists and groups as well as user wall (wire).

In other words, using BuddyPress you can have your own social networking website. So, good news is that BuddyPress has become really popular these days. Our statistics prove that every single day – average number of MU and BuddyPress installations is higher than the number of any other free application. That is why we are very happy that our partners from BuddyPress do their best to satisfy their fans’ appetite. Latest most popular releases of BuddyPress designers are the Shouty and Facebuddy themes.

Shouty and Facebuddy themes are dedicated to all Twitter and Facebook enthusiasts. The great thing about those two themes is that they differ from the default BP theme to a great extent. Apart from the fact that they will give a nice, clean Facebook or Twitter-like appearance to your BuddyPress site, those themes will also make your private network users love your site as much as they like using Facebook and Twitter. Actually, we bet they will love your Facebuddy or Twitter-like site even more.

Here you can check out some sample sites of BuddyPress using Facebuddy and Shouty:


[nggallery id=2]


[nggallery id=3]

Well, Shouty and Facebuddy themes can not be used with the older release of BuddyPress but no worries about that. At TMDHosting we do not only offer free installation of WordPress MU and BuddyPress, as a part of our BuddyPress hosting plan, we also offer free upgrade services.

You need only to register for our services and you can start creating your own Facebook or Twitter clone site today. It’s true, it is that easy. No need to worry about installation, right setup, themes change, etc.

Moreover, in case you already have your BuddyPress site running, we will transfer it for free to us with no downtime and save you all the hassle on that process.

You can review our BuddyPress hosting plan offer and start now. For any inquiries you might have, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced sales agents – they are at your disposal 24/7.

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