With the end of the year it is time for a conclusion of the most popular content management systems (CMS)  applications and the competition was fierce. It has never been easier before to build website and the main reason for that are the following applications.

Without further ado here is our list of the most popular CMS applications for 2014:


1. WordPress
WordPress is the most popular CMS application among the rest. With it everyone can create a beautiful website or blog or even community website. WordPress is free, and comes with endless list of powerful features. It has one of the biggest online communities and plugins repositories where you can find everything you might need for your website.

Ideal for: The perfect and most robust CMS platform that can be used for almost anything.


2. Joomla!
Joomla is an award-winning CMS that can help you build websites and/or powerful online applications. It is free and very easy to use by people without any prior technical skills. Joomla! has very friendly community and a lot of independent developers with thousands of unique templates, components and modules that can help you with your project.

Ideal for: Said to be the king of all CMS but it has a bit steeper learning curve than WordPress.


3. Boonex Dolphin
Boonex Dolphin is a social networking platform that can be used for creating communities or dating based social networking websites. Dolphin is available in a various types of licenses including free licence too. Boonex have vast marketplace with very useful modules that can transform your newly installed Dolphin into ready to use online community.

Ideal for: Perfect for small to medium size Community/Social Networking projects.


4. OpenCart
OpenCart is a free open-source shopping cart. It is very user-friendly, and powerful ecommerce software with a lot of built in functionality. It’s modular design allow you to install different third party modules that can add new features to your website.

Ideal for: Small to medium-sized ecommerce stores


5. Magento
Magento is a powerful ecommerce system with a steep learning curve, aimed at larger ecommerce sites. Magento is certainly not for everybody as it requires a lot of custom development so it can be configured in such a way to fit your needs. However once configured to fit your needs, it’s performance and abilities can not be matched.

Ideal for: Large ecommerce websites

The above 5 applications are the most popular scripts among our clients. There are other very powerful scripts such as Moodle, Drupal, Ez Publish, Concrete5 and many others that are not mentioned here in this article.

Each of our hosting packages comes pre-loaded with Softaculous auto-installer and more than 200 applications that can be installed with just couple of clicks.

We will keep monitoring the most trending applications and will follow up this article with more interesting apps in the future.