While our marketing team is working on more great partnerships, as previously announced, our technical support team and system administrators were busy adding some great new features to the cPanel. We will be presenting them over the next week and we are in a hurry to present the first one of them now.

During the years, the web hosting market has emerged and changed quite a lot. Not only that, but it changes at a rapid pace as you are even reading this post. The key word to this market, if you ask seasoned people working at it, is flexibility. This, combined with the ability to adapt were always a success recipe for us at TMDHosting.

Over the years, not only the market changed, but also the environment and the applications running on it. This is why, we are glad to provide you with a great flexibility tool, namely to change your account’s PHP version on demand. There are, already, number of applications that require PHP 5.3. Still, however, there are greater number that are not yet ready to shift from PHP 5.2. There will be, someday, such a situation when PHP 5.4 become more mature. Until now, we have been keeping different servers, each of them using different PHP versions and, where needed, transferred accounts between them.

Realizing that this is not rational, we have developed a cPanel plugin, which will allow you to choose between PHP 5.2 (which we stick to by default, due the large application demand), PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 (which is still beta and not mature enough). You can find it in your cPanel, under the Software/Services section:

To add even more flexibility to this, we have also created a mechanism to set different folders to use completely different PHP versions. This is not yet included in the cPanel plugin, however, in its second version it will be. Currently, you can reach out to our technical support team and have them do this modification for you. Until then, on your own, you can change only the global version of the PHP interpreter for your account.

We are currently piloting this feature on selected number of servers. Next week we will have it available on each and every server of ours. In the meantime, if you need to take advantage of this feature, just get in touch with our friendly technical support staff – they will be glad to assist you and are on your disposal 24/7.

We hope that you will enjoy this feature and will take advantage of it. There are more cool things that we are currently perfecting and will start releasing very soon from the lab. Stay tuned!