Do you remember the story of Alex Tew, the student from Wiltshire, England, who in 2005 started an online project of his own, which turned out to be an absolute Internet phenomenon? His goal was as simple as it sounds – to raise $ 1,000,000 for his studies – by selling 1 million pixels each worth $1 to companies well known for their great partnership with affiliates, but also to whoever else wants to buy couple hundreds of pixels.

Internet ads revenue reached 15 % increase in 2012, thus reaching $36.6 billion and is by now the fastest growing ad spending segment for the past 10 years. Compared to 2005 the number was still $12.5 billion dollars, a 30.3% growth compared to 2004 according to IAB.

Online affiliate marketing as a core component of display digital advertising evolves with the same great pace.

Its means has evolved which lead to affiliates organizing and running their sites in a competitive way – through different SaaS and  PaaS. Live stats, SEO, instant customers/visitors feedback  and many more factors led to the betterment of affiliate marketing, thus presenting a better organized and better looking sites (with all due respect to Tew’s idea and with the understanding that it is not the best example of an affiliate page), the million-dollar-home-page looks like something went very wrong unexpectedly) to a better targeted audience. Sites now present the services and products of the partners they are affiliated with in a lot more professional and trustworthy way.

Our NEW affiliate program is professional in all its aspects. Here is how we put additional value to our products:

New software: 
We understood from our affiliates that they were not quite happy with the old software we provided them with, so we did the most logical thing and substituted the old ‘’non-comprehensive’’ and ‘’somewhat unfriendly” software with a top-notch platform.

Empowering your performance to better analyze your work and easily track your referrals and sales was our first goal.

Attractive creative:
Further we have asked our partner affiliates to share their thoughts on our bank of creative banners and text links. The investigation resulted in a fully stocked bank of banner ads of all sizes, compatible with latest HTML5 and CSS3 requirements and your sites’ responsive layouts.

Improved commission structure:
We believe in that old Latin saying – “Pacta clara, boni amici” – or in other words – to maintain healthy relationships with our affiliates, we trust that we need to keep the terms neat and payments clear and prompt.

Avoiding all unnecessary bars and percentage-based commission types, we keep it simple:

Bring more than 1 friend – receive $50 for each
Bring more than 10 friends – get $75 for each
Bring more than 20 friends – get $150 for each

Find more on commission structure here.

Bonuses, promotions and other incentives:
Since you took the time to read this post, why not take the time to make some cash in less than 2 minutes?  Once you register to our new affiliate program, you can instantly get $10 JumpStart bonus before you have even referred your first sale.

Surely, this is not one-time incentive in order to make the program look more attractive to you. No! We really appreciate the time and efforts you took to be a successful affiliate and what a better way to express our gratitude than extra cash?

Receive your $20 SpeedUp bonus the first time you reach next level of commissions (you need only 10 friends who became customers in the past month to win it).

Your friends/ referrals also deserve a bonus for trusting your recommendation, don’t they? We will gladly provide them with different bonus codes for discounted hosting services.  Follow our monthly promotions on our affiliate home page (CODE: GREEN).

To summarize the steps you can take in order to become a TMDHosting affiliate:

  1. Sign up for FREE and get your $10 bonus – it takes 2 minutes;
  2. Receive your email of approval with your password enclosed
  3. Like and share our social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter and Google
  4. Choose a banner, text ad, a review to publish to your site. Don’t forget to check the latest promotions we have to offer your audience!
  5. Start receiving commissions!