No matter if you are a small or medium business owner, who needs something designed, but not that often so you can keep a full time designer at your office or you are a large company with handful of designers, we encourage you to take a look at what the guys at 99designs are offering. is one of these places where you can go and submit your design requests, in terms of words – “I want this, done like that and with these, these and these colors” and see professionals from all around the world to suggest you their designs.

It is pretty much working like a contest, where you are the jury and you choose which design matches your needs. Either if you need a logo, or a new page on your website, or a banner for a design campaign, 99designs is the place, where you can find very large variety of suggestions at a very reasonable price.

It works in a pretty simple way – first of all, you have to go and Launch your design contest. You will be asked to create a design brief which is simply a clear outline of what you need designed and how much you are willing to spend, choosing from the predefined 99designs packages.

Then, you will be able to Collaborate with the designers – Designers then submit concepts to compete for your prize. Be sure to provide continual feedback to help the designers deliver a concept you love.

You will be then able to Choose your favorite design – at the completion of your contest, you’ll need to pick your favorite design and award a winner. You’ll then receive the final design along with copyright to the original art work.

It’s that easy and only now and only for TMDHosting Customers – we have secured a deal, which will allow you to get all your money back, in case that you don’t like a design that you have been suggested. Give 99designs a try – they are absolutely worth doing so!