In the previous post from this section, we have introduced AdRoll, a swift way to boost your ads presence around the Internet.

Now that you have learnt how to drive visitors to your website, we will suggest how to interact with them using live communication tools in the virtual era and give your business a more professional look.

Grasshopper will give you all these fancy things that all the big companies posses when it comes to communicating over the phone. You have been calling a large company once in a while, right? When you call to their nationwide or international number, you are usually presented with various choices of departments of options to pick up and continue.

While most of us think this might be annoying, when you want to keep things channeled and organized – this is the way. Technically, this is called IVR, short for Interactive Voice Response, but you don’t have to hold a university degree in telecommunications, in order to create one. This was nearly impossible, or at least very hard to happen, prior Grasshopper set foot in the Internet business.

When you sign up with Grasshopper, you will be allowed to choose two types of numbers – one, which is toll free and is being accessible without charges for your users in the US and Canada, and one that is local to your residence. You can choose where to forward both these numbers, including to a Skype-In number, so does you or your employees can answer your visitors’ inquiries. Thanks to the partnership we have established with Grasshopper, your account will be credited with $75, ready to spend, immediately when you sign up with them.

In addition to the numbers, you will get a really step-by-step tool, which will allow you to build your phone tree, assign extensions, each of which can redirect to certain number (either landline, cell or Skype-In) of your choice.

No matter if you are a doing business from small, medium or enterprise grade – having Grasshopper aboard is a definitive must. It provides the best rates in the industry and the easiest process of management your numbers and extensions ever. Not to mention the fancy statistics which you are entitled to.

We have evaluated Grasshopper earlier this year and it matched our needs perfectly. We are using them for couple of months now, so we can totally recommend signing up for them right away – your business will never regret that decision :)