Nowadays blogs platforms are one of the most widely used applications and the bloggers community is growing every minute. It was not a long time ago when blogs have been used for sharing only personal thoughts and experience. Today, blogs are used for almost any kind of websites.

Personally, I have seen commercial websites, newspapers, multi-author communities and many, many other kinds of websites based on a blog platform. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. If you decide at some point that you can base your website on a blog platform you might find the following article interesting and might help you to increase your site traffic. Very often this is important if you decide to advertise some products or provide advertisement space on your website and earn some extra money.

The developers of the blog applications understand this and they have created their applications as easy for optimization as possible. For example, you can have your newly started blog with a Google PR (pagerank) 3 just for one 1 month. In my research for the best possible ways to perform this I have came to the following WordPress-SEO-for-Beginners e-book which I believe can be of a great help for many bloggers, even the experience one.

The e-book covers some of the most important points during the blog optimization:

  1. Blog Title & Taglines
  2. Update Services (Ping sites)
  3. Modifying the Title Tags of your WordPress Theme
  4. Meta Tags
  5. Permalinks & Mod_rewrite
  6. Optimization of Keywords
  7. Google Sitemap creation
  8. Social Bookmarking

For example, you can find one of the longest list in the Net for updating services websites that you can easily set for your blog. Another topic that is very well covered is about the keywords shall to be included into your blog posts. For example if you are not exactly sure which phrases will best fit for your blog you may try the key words generator at:

The information provided by this tool is generated on the base of related searches that include your term and how many times that term was searched on last month.

Well, I believe that we can say a big “Thank you” to Bob for this great work.