In the past couple of weeks we have implemented some new cool features on our shared hosting servers which has improved their performance. What our system administrator have done is to enable the fast recycling TIME-WAIT socket feature on all of our shared hosting servers.

The usual purpose of TIME-WAIT is to prevent delayed packets from one connection being accepted by a later connection. So when a connection is closed actively it is left to linger in TIME-WAIT state for some time. However it appears that on shared hosting servers where numerous short connections are open and left in TIME_WAIT state this can lead to increased load time and memory consumption.

As we are constantly trying to improve our service we have enabled the recycling of the TIME-WAIT sockets and this significantly decreased the server load and improved the overall performance for all of our shared hosting service Customers.

The effect of the server optimization can be clearly seen here:




The main benefits of the socket recycling are:

CPU usage – The CPU usage has been significantly decreased.
Memmory usage – Every server connection requires less memory for it’s execution.
Bandwith – The Bandwidth channel is opened for more active connections.

Our Genius Team will continue to be pro-active as usual and all of our Customers can expect more good news again in the near future.