Today we are glad to announce that we are now an official and exclusive web hosting partner to SocialEngine – one of the leading platforms for creating social network websites.

In the past couple of months, we have teamed up with the guys from SocialEngine and have built a tailored SocialEngine hosting product, which meets each and every system requirement of the software.

In addition, our entire team worked with website performance in mind from the very beginning. Our goal was to bring blazing fast page load time for each SocialEngine website hosted on our servers. We achieved it by combining the latest and greatest technologies on the market.

The underlying technical infrastructure we deploy SocialEngine instances on is built entirely on top of Solid State Drives (SSD). Thanks to this, page load time decreased more than 20 times and this is just one of the few unique perks to the product we have built.

Each SocialEngine hosting plan is natively using the Facebook FlashCache technology and, additionally, users can choose from two various types of caching. APCu is preinstalled and can be enabled with a single click. We provide 256MB memcached instances, out of the box, which is roughly 4 times than the industry average (if, at all) by other providers on the market. This brings unbelievably great performance to the stage, as well.

No matter if you are just starting with SocialEngine, still developing your website or have a well-established social network already running – we have created plans to meet every demand. You can find them here.

We are also very excited to announce that our Genius Support Team has been certified by SocialEngine for extensive knowledge, understanding and troubleshooting of their product. They are available at your immediate disposal 24/7, no matter which day of the week it is and with guaranteed response time of 15 minutes.

This is just the beginning of this very exciting partnership – stay tuned for more as we progress further with developing our outstanding SocialEngine hosting services!