Now that you have driven certain visitors to your website thanks to AdRoll, then got them covered on the phone with Grasshopper and set up a fax with RingCentral, it is now time to take your company’s branding to the next level. Definitely, it is all about Internet nowadays, but still we do not physically exist there – most of our life takes place offline, even though we are left with the impression that all we do is online.

In the spirit of this, we are pleased to announce our new partnership with UPrinting, a company that will create all the branded stuff for your needs, such as business cards, envelopes, calendars,  labels and much, much more.

We have secured couple of great deals especially for TMDHosting Customers and readers of our blog. You can now get 20% off all business and magnet cards orders, as well as 15% off postcards. Additional 10% off can be taken for standard labels, letterheads and envelopes. Cool 5% discount can be taken for folders and roll label orders.

All the deals we have secured with UPrinting can be found at their website by following our personalized link. If you are not sure what is right for your needs, you can always request some of the free samples that UPrinting are shipping through this page.

UPrinting are one of the very few companies on the market that recognizes the importance of everyone doing their part to help the environment. They are committed and have taken steps forward to truly offer an environmentally friendly green printing service. The inks they are printing with are vegetable-base,  which have lower levels of VOC than traditional petroleum inks. This reduces harmful carbon emissions while creating a safer work environment. UPrinting recycles all unused paper scraps, printing plates and ink waste.

We highly recommend going for a test drive of UPrinting – they are working at very affordable rates (even more with the discounts we have arranged for you), their prints are with very high quality and last, but not least – they are very environment friendly, which deserves our deepest respect.