When choosing a hosting plan for your website it is crucial to understand its benefits and if they meet your needs.  The shared server packages are really reliable, but they might not be sufficient if your website needs more resources especially when the number of concurrent users increases. The VPS packages are also quite good as they provide larger amount of server resources, but if you need to run a “heavier” software the site performance might not be as lightning fast as you want it to.

Well, a dedicated server can solve all of those problems. We have decided to sort the main benefits of the dedicated hosting so you an have a better understanding of the conveniences that it provides:


When it comes to reliability the dedicated server is your best option. Why? Because your website is the only one hosted on the entire server and it does not share its resources with others. All server resources are dedicated for your  website the whole time and it can operate normally, without being affected by others.

Better performance 

Devoting entire server for your website will surely mean better performance. As I mentioned above all server resources are dedicated for your site which will  allow more concurrent users accessing your website without sacrificing your site’s performance .


Achieving military-grade security is possible not only on our  shared hosting packages, but on our dedicated servers as well. Our security engineers can easily implement our WAF  rules (web application firewall) on your dedicated server ensuring the security of your website. Aside from the WAF, our dedicated servers include the latest OS and cPanel/WHM security patches. Our Genius Support Team will perform those updates for you.

More Flexibility

The flexibility of the dedicated hosting is one of the factors that you should surely consider. As you are the only one hosted on such server you can have the server environment per your project’s needs. Installation of additional packages including different types of cache engines can be completed fast and easy.

Total control 

The dedicated hosting provides you with full control over your server. If you prefer to manage your server on your own, you can use the root user access to control all the aspects of your server. Of course if you are not sure how to manage the server you can always count on TMDHosting Genius Support Team. The group of friendly geeks are always available for you ready to help in a fast, professional and friendly manner.

Choose your location

TMDHosting is proud to announce that we now provide the option to choose the datacenter in which your server should be deployed. You can choose the datacenter closest to you to achieve even better loading times of your site.

So with that being said, I would highly recommend you reviewing our new dedicated offers. Have a question? Contact us on live chat or give us a call 1.888.771.5990