The website design contest for 2013 is officially over

Hello! Hopefully you are enjoying the holiday season as much as we do. During this season, we have been running a contest on the TMDHosting Facebook page, trying to find out the best looking website for 2013, which we are hosting on our servers.

The contest is over now and we have not one, but two winners! Let me explain – until the very end of the contest, voters were tore apart between the two leaders – Vinay Sagar and Gary Zappelli.

The difference between them turned out to be five votes only. As we truly appreciate all the effort put in popularizing their contest entry, we have decided to award them both.

Vinay entered the contest with a website he developed and designed for Gayathri – A Professional Kuchipudi Dancer. His entry received 344 votes.

Gary entered the contest with a website he developed and designed for FD Hodge Interiors, Boston. His entry received 339 votes.

Expect to hear more from both of them soon, as we have prepared a little talk with in the beginning of 2014.

Last, but not least – we would like to thank all our contest participants for their participation and fair play. Don’t give up on not winning this particular contest – it is the first from many, which we have planned for 2014 and you will have the chance to participate into. It will be an amazing year in which we have prepared a large variety of games to interact more with our Customers.