As an Internet user you must have noticed the hundreds of thousands affiliate programs available online. In fact there are so many of them, that one cannot ask himself “Why?” and, of course, “Which one is the best?”

Let me start with a few words about what an affiliate program is. Affiliate programs are a type of online advertising where publishers display banners or texts linking to the company that they are affiliate partners with. The company, also referred to as the advertiser, pays the publisher a commission for every customer referred by the publisher’s banner or text link.

The run of the market shows that affiliate programs are becoming a core part of the marketing strategy for many online companies. The main benefit of affiliate marketing is that it is a mutually profitable activity- for both the advertiser and the publisher. The advertising company gets its publicity and brand visibility, and on the other hand, the publishers gain commissions without any effort.

The “Which one is best?” question is actually a tough one. As I already mentioned there are hundreds of thousands affiliate programs out there. In essence they work quite the same way, however different affiliate programs have different requirements and conditions. Always be careful not to find yourself bound with a contract that you cannot break, or get stuck with impossibly high minimum commission requirement.

In most cases the best practice for publishers is to choose a company that they are already familiar with as their affiliate partner, a company that they know or use its services, trust its team, tested its credibility and reliability.

After researching many different affiliate programs and estimating their pros and cons, TMDHosting Affiliate Program is finally here.

We are convinced that TMDAffiliate Program is a great way to turn your website into a profitable initiative and quickly capitalize your website traffic.

Our affiliate program provides you with an easy way to make money online – it is absolutely free to join and does not require any initial investment. All that you need to do is create an affiliate account with us and place one of our pre-made banners or text links on your website. There is no contract and no sing up fee, no need to be a TMDHosting customer. There is nothing at stake. You can only profit by advertising our services. There is a 20% commission of every sale referred by your banner or link. More about the benefits of TMDHosting Affiliate Program here.

Since today is the official launch date for TMDHosting Affiliate Program, we wanted to make it special for all of our existing and prospective partners and clients. All existing customers receive a $10 bonus commission upon joining our Affiliate Program and all people considering to start using our hosting services or adding another hosting account there is a $20 bonus commission upon signing up with TMDHosting Affiliate Program.

If you have feedback on TMDHosting Affiliate Program, we will be happy to hear it.

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