For the last few years we have been working closely with hundreds of customers using the famous Boonex Dolphin open source software. This gave us the opportunity to study  and examine the most common issues that users experience with this software.  We wanted to give the open source community using this software something that will help maintain their website fast at all times. After some discussions between our Genius Support team and our developers we have found a way to achieve that! After months of development, today we are proud to announce the release of our very own Boonex Dolphin Optimizer plugin for cPanel!

But how does it work?

The plugin scans your Boonex Dolphin site database and using a complex algorithm, optimizes it and also removes any overhead records that may have occurred due to previous read/write operations. This helps keeping your Boonex Dolphin site’s database relatively small, well organized and easy to read from the script at all times. That way you ensure that your website is loading fast at all times and your site visitors are having an excellent user experience!

I use old version of Dolphin, Can I use it?

We have tested the plugin with Dolphin version ranging from 7.0.x. to the latest by now 7.1.4. If your Boonex Dolphin site version is within range, then YES, you can use it.

 Where can I find this plugin?

The plugin is available for ALL TMDHosting customers using our Boonex Dolphin hosting plan. The plugin cam be found under the “Databases” section of cPanel:

 How to use it?

Click on the “Dolphin Optimize” icon. The plugin will automatically detect your database. If it notices anything unusual with the database, it will color the database name in red:

cPanel X Dolphin Optimize

Click on the “Optimize” button and wait for the plugin to do its job. After it’s done, your site’s database may have shrinked as the plugin cleaned the unneeded records present in the database and optimize it. Here is a result of such optimization:

cPanel X Dolphin Optimized