As of today, we are glad to announce that Ray Media Server (or Ray Multimedia Server, if you prefer), known better with its abbreviation — RMS, is now fully available to all our shared hosting Customers.

The RED5 based, Java operated and Flash communication server driven utility will greatly help your Dolphin hosted social network to become very rich in terms of communication, digital content and entertainment.

Having RMS allows your visitors to run video chats with sound in real time, as well as to share files as the conversation goes on. They can also have Facebook-like chat, handy docked in a floating toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Your visitors will also be able to expand their comments behavior by leaving real time processed video comments with sound, as well as upload and share their favorite video clips, photos and music files.

In addition, you can benefit from the tons of Dolphin extensions, which use RMS to create a rich, content and multimedia driven community.

Stay tuned for the next set of great features, which we are about to release!