As time moves by and the technologies develop, the demand for powerful hardware raises in unbelievable manner. If a hardware piece is decent today, within a month or less it’s productivity starts dropping by. Within six months, the particular hardware piece is no longer productive as compared to the new, which vendors are releasing literally every week. After doing our annual hardware audit, we have assessed all of our configurations and concluded that certain part of them is a bit behind of the high quality standards we have established in our company.

Since we have been founded,  one of our primary goals is always to run the latest software and maintain the best software available for our purposes. While the software it is relatively easy to maintain and, even force, the usage of the latest given version, its majesty, the hardware, requires a bit more time and human power to catch up the latest tendencies.

For years now, we have been collocating our servers in The Planet, however before we consider upgrading our server configurations with them, we decided to extensively research the market, since they were not fully meeting our business requirements and philosophy. Along with the great reliability we were seeking from our data center, we also wanted to find out a devoted and friendly support team, which runs the extra mile for us. Since the beginning of 2009, we have “discovered” SingleHop, which to date have met all our requirements and even exceed them every single time we need to do something with them. From the simplest process — ordering a new server, through the technical support they are providing, to complex tasks, such as racks and virtual private networks setup — they have been simply outstanding. In addition, we have two of their most helpful account representatives working closely and personally with us, which made us keen on switching even more. Until the beginning of 2010, we have been hosting only our dedicated servers with them, but the experience we have had was more than impressive enough.

In the first week of January, our VP of technologies Brandon Fiery, along with our CTO George Moody contracted SingleHop on delivering our new, state of art production servers. Their migration was completed last week and in the table below, you can see at a glance how the hardware behind our shared hosting plans changed after the transition:

As you can see, we have boosted all vital hardware features on our servers, which will also result in great improvement of your website’s performance. In addition to this, we have also added two new cool features to the package, which we will outline in a separate article. The first is the Softaculous script auto installer, which can be found in our cPanel’s “Software/Services” section and the second is the newest cPanel release, which addresses various bugs and glitches — 11.25.

To date, the new hardware is running just fine and we already see improvement in the load average numbers, as well as in the overall overhead and storage I/O stats. We will keep you posted on the development of the situation, which will definitely improve even more.

Stay tuned!