Don’t you just hate it when you have to do something on your website really really quick, but you can’t login, because you can’t remember the administrative password.  You will be surprised how often this happens. Well we have created this easy to use tool, which will help you restore access to your site’s backend immediately. We call it the “Software Passwords”. It is a very smart tool, that detects your administrative user and allows you to set a new password for it. All you need to do is specify the path to your website and the type of script you are using. It may sound confusing, but I promise you it is not. Here, I will show you the entire process:

First login your cPanel and find the “Software Passwords” icon under the “Security” section:


Let’s say we have a WordPress installed in our web root directory /public_html/. Using the dropdown menu, select your domain under which WordPress is installed. Make sure the path next to “Location” is correctly pointed to your WordPress install. The password changer will automatically detect your administrative user. Now add your new password and click the “Change Password” button:

cPanel X Software Password

That’s it! You can now authenticate with the password you just set.

Stand by for our next blog posts where we will introduce to you the rest of our new cPanel features.