If you are a TMDHosting customer you probably already know that we are using CentOS and CloudLinux operating systems for all our servers. The Linux security model separates users and user groups in separate categories so that one user, cannot use another user’s content, unless specifically allowed. Furthermore each file and folder has its own attributes – read, write, execute. Those can be different for users, groups and world (other users not included in either user or user groups). Having correct files and folders permissions is vital for the security and proper running of your website. We have noticed that often clients set incorrect files and folders permissions for their sites and this causes different kinds of issues that can be easily avoided.

To help all of our customers avoid such issues, we have created the Permissions Fixer cPanel tool. It is a simple, yet powerful plugin that corrects all the files and folders permissions for the entire hosting account with one click. The permissions set by this tool are the recommended ones 644 for files and 755 for folders. Those are sufficient to run your website normally. However many of the open source scripts require executable permissions for files and we are very well aware of that fact. This is why to avoid any issues with your site, we have created special filters which will set the correct permissions for the files that need to be run by the script. A simple example for that are the Boonex Dolphin ffmpeg.exe file that comes bundled with the script. Another example are the perl files used by phpMotion located in the cgi-bin folder.

You can find the Permissions Fixer tool in cPanel under the “Files” section:




With the right permissions for your website files and folders you do not have to worry about the security of your website and will be sure that it is running flawlessly at all the time.