We have excellent news!

Our datacenter partner SingleHop has recently opened their newest and largest N+2 Military-Class datacenter facility named CHI-3. The new facility is equipped with cutting edge datacenter technology which will further help us improve our services and provide more stable and healthier environment for our servers. Here are some of the benefits of this datacenter migration:

1. Upgraded network equipment which will ensure improved connectivity and overall better server performance.
2. Enterprise grade, cutting edge security standards which are a must-have for every modern datacenter.
3. Speed.

Those crucial enhancements will result in a REAL speed improvement. The brand new network equipment running in the new datacenter yields at least 25% faster website loading speed during all tests. The current DC Network Capacity is over 100 Gbps, while the new datacenter DC Network Capacity reaches numbers way over 150Gbps.

What all those numbers mean is, in simple words, that if your website currently loads for about a second, its expected loading time after the migration would be around half a second faster.

Additionally, not only the loading speed of your websites will be increased, but some new enhancements to the hosting service are on the way as well, such as the opportunity to offer you even better network redundancy, network speed and storage capacity, as well as much better network topology, throughput and overall efficiency. Furthermore, the move will result in the availability of a 24/7 network operations center on-site as well, significantly speeding up the resolution of any network related issues. In short, the new location provides features high above the industry standard, and is sure to improve your hosting experience significantly.

The migration itself took a great deal of planning, as it is a major event – we are planning to migrate all of our CHI-1 based dedicated servers to the brand new facility at CHI-3. We have worked diligently to plan and execute a swift, safe, and efficient method of migrating our servers. This will ensure that the process results in the shortest possible downtime period for the migrated servers. We have also scheduled all migrations to be done on weekend nights, as this is a period where most sites are at their lowest activity. Just in case, all information will be backed up securely before the migration as well.

No DNS/IP changes will be involved, and there will be no required action on your part, we will take complete care of the migration. However, in order to avoid any data discrepancies between the content on the old and the content on the new server, we strongly recommend that you postpone changes to your website until you receive our transfer completion notice.

Since the migration requires the physical move of the servers, in order to perform it, we will need to open a maintenance window.

The maintenance for shared/reseller hosting accounts is scheduled  between 01:00 AM and 03:00AM (ET) on Saturday, Nov 22 2014 and Sunday, Nov 23 2014.

The maintenance for VPS/Cloud servers is scheduled between 01:00 AM and 03:00AM (ET) on Saturday, Dec 6 2014 and Sunday, Dec 7 2014.

The maintenance for Dedicated Servers is scheduled between 01:00 AM and 03:00AM (ET) on Saturday, Dec 13 2014 and Sunday, Dec 14 2014.

Every single customer who will be affected by the server migration process will be notified prior to the event via multiple channels – email and the special notification window in their client area, where additional information will be provided.

We are excited about this opportunity to move further ahead in the service quality we provide, and can’t wait to provide our customers with the incredible connection speed and enhanced services that the new facility offers.

As always, our Genius Support Team will be standing by to assist you in any way we can!